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A shut-out..

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Q: What is the term in baseball when one team does not score at all?
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Is gymnastics an individual or team sport?

Technically it is a team sport but each gymnast competes individually to earn a score. Then all the gymnasts scores from the same team are combined to get a team score. So each gymnast gets her own score and competes for her own awards but every gymnast for the team combines their score with their other teammates and they get a total score.

What does the term La Angels most likely refer to?

The term La Angels is most likely refereed to the baseball team that play in the baseball season all year. They have a great chance at beating all the teams in the season.

Can a keeper score a goal?

A goal keeper has all the privileges of his team-mates and may score a goal.

What is the term used in tennis when the score is forty all?


Can a goalkeeper score a goal against the other team?

Yes all the 22 players can score if they hv the opportunity

Which team scored the lowest score in odi?

The lowest score in a completed One Day International cricket match was achieved by Zimbabwe against Sri Lanka on April 25, 2004. The final score for the team was 35 all out.

What is the all time highest team score in the t20 ipl?


What state did the first professional baseball team begin and what team is it?

Ohio. The Cincinnati Reds are recognized as the first all professional baseball team.

What is doce in tennis?

"Deuce," is a term when the score is 40-all (40-40.)

The school baseball team played 56 games. They scored 4 runs in each game .How many runs did they score in all?

You do the math. 56 times 4 = 224 runs.

How does a tie baseball game end?

Under normal circumstances, there are no ties in baseball. if the score is tied after a full 9 innings, then the game will continue until a team scores a run and that inning is completed. innings beyond the 9th inning are known as "extra innings" (there is no term "overtime" in baseball). if it's the visting team that scores, then the home team will get one last at bat to try and tie or win the game. if it's the home team that scores, then the game is automatically over, the home team is the winner and it's known as a "walk off". the only games that can end in a tie are pre-season games, in 2002 the all-star game ended in a tie in the 11th inning (due to the commissioner of baseball declaring a tie after all the pitchers had been used).

Did Louis Armstrong own a baseball team?

I believe that Louis Armstrong did own a baseball team. It was called "Armstrong's Secret 9 Baseball Team of New Orleans". It was an all black team I have an 8x10 photo dated 1931 of him with his team.

When was USA Today All-USA high school baseball team created?

USA Today All-USA high school baseball team was created in 1998.

What is love all in badminton?

Love all is another way of saying the score is 0-0 Although I'm pretty sure you only use the term love all in tennis

What does the mean score mean?

the mean is a group of numbers added all together and divided by the amount of numbers that where in the group. this is the math term i have no idea what the score part is

Where is the home ground of the Mizuno baseball team?

There is no such thing as a Mizuno baseball team. Mizuno is a company that manufactures sporting apparel for all kinds of sports, including youth baseball.

How toHandicap a golf scrambles?

* * Handicaps (for each team member, then added up and divided by four for each team) are developed using USGA's Simple Handicap Formula. If you have a substitute playing, and that substitute has a USGA handicap, on the score card, enter that handicap by his name. If the substitute has no formal handicap, on the score card, enter a zero. All players names are to appear on the score card - but only one (team) score. ----

What was the name of Philadelphia all black Baseball team?


Did A baseball team that won all their games in that 1 month?


Do players get paid for making the all star team in baseball?


Has a team had every player score in a single inning?

Last night the Texas Rangers scored 11 runs in the 3rd inning. Every player scored at least once. How many times has a team had all 9 players score in a single inning?

Can a Major League Baseball rookie make the Major League Baseball all star team?


What is the name of Mexico's baseball team?

the lobos are the main name for all the sports teams in New Mexico.But It all depends on what kind of baseball team you want to know the name to but if you want the name to the most popular team in New Mexico your answer would be the lobos

Do people in Peru play baseball?

Yes, there are some baseball leagues for all ages in Lima, we also have a national baseball team.

In baseball in case of a tied game what are the rules to determine the winner?

If at the end of 9 innings the score is tied, the game moves into "extra innings". The ruling is that it is played like all the rest of the game, and at the end of the inning, the team who is now winning wins the game, but if the score is still tied then an additional inning is played..ect.