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It can be both - sometimes you are competing for you team or for yourself, but if you mean if you swim as a team, then no. You can swim FOR a team, but not as a team. So it is individual if you mean it that way.

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Technically it is a team sport but each gymnast competes individually to earn a score. Then all the gymnasts scores from the same team are combined to get a team score. So each gymnast gets her own score and competes for her own awards but every gymnast for the team combines their score with their other teammates and they get a total score.

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Swimming is a team sport. Even though it may seem like an individual sport because all of the events are done independently and each team member tries to beat their own time, it is not because at the end of a swim meet, all of the points each team member makes is added up together, so you win together or you lose together. Either way it is a team sport.

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*an* and yes, it is.

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Q: Is gymnastics an individual or team sport?
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