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Q: What is the team with the most left handed batters?
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25 players on a baseball team 6 players are left handed what percent is left handed?

24% are left-handed.

On jackals baseball team there are 28 right handed players and 16 left handed players what is the ratio of right handers to left handers on jackals team?

1 to 5

I am left handed and my team needs a catcher so should i play catcher for my amateur baseball team?

Left-handed catchers are rare but not unheard of. You'll have to order a glove online because most sporting goods stores only keep right-handed gloves in stock...I'd go for it. You might be great!

On the jackals baseball team there are 20 right-handed players and 12 left handed players what is the ratio of right-handers to left-handers on the jackals baseball team?


5 On the Jackals baseball team there are 18 right-handed players and 6 left-handed players What is the ratio of right-handers to left-handers on the Jackals baseball team?


Who is a left handed batsman in the India cricket team?

Gautam gambir

Why did a program developed by Microsoft programmers to read handwriting fail?

All of the team members were right handed and Bill Gates is left handed.

Are there any left handed catchers in Major League Baseball?

It is not "natural" for a lefty to play second base, third base, or short stop. This is because of the footwork needed to make a play to first and second bases and the need for a lefty to turn his body around to make a throw. This would put a double-play combination at a severe disadvantage. In the infield that leaves first base. It is not uncommon to see lefties pitching or playing outfield.

Is Cat Osterman a right handed or left handed pitcher?

The softball pitcher Cat Osterman throws with her left hand. She was part of the USA softball team that won gold in the 2004 Olympic Games, and silver in the 2008 Olympic Games.

What is the main reason for home field advantage?

When Baseball teams are put together the home field that the team plays in is taken into consideration. For example the Yankees with a short rightfield fence, and a deep left center field will look to build their team around left handed power hitters, and left handed pitchers. Left handed pitchers will pitch to mostly right handed batters and make them hit the ball to the deepest part of the ballpark. The Red Sox team will get players that would benefit by the short leftfield wall, (the Green Monster) at Fenway. Teams that play on artificial turf might lean towards ballplayers with speed, and play good defense. A team that plays in a ballpark that is hard to hit home runs in might go with better pitching, slap hitters, and base stealers. All giving the home team the advantage. An advantage to playing at home would also include Fan support, and the comfort of not having to travel and live in hotel rooms on the road. As teams are built around a ballpark, Yankee Stadium was built with a short rightfield fence with Babe Ruth in mind.

Is munro chambers a lefty?

no hes actually both handed left and right btw he's hot if he dies i will be sad :'( ~team eli♥~

Will I still make the team if I only know how to do a cartwheel one handed cartwheel toe touch left splits!?

Depends on the coach so we don't have an answer.