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The softball pitcher Cat Osterman throws with her left hand. She was part of the USA softball team that won gold in the 2004 Olympic Games, and silver in the 2008 Olympic Games.

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Q: Is Cat Osterman a right handed or left handed pitcher?
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Is there a difference between a baseball screwball and a softball screwball?

They are the same. A screwball will break to the right from a right handed pitcher and to the left from left handed pitcher.

What leg moves backward when the pitcher throws the ball in girls softball?

It depends on if there right or left handed. if they are right handed than the right leg if they are left handed than the left leg

What is a left handed pitcher?

A left-handed pitcher is called a "southpaw".

Would a slider be a good pitch against left handed batters?

if it's a right handed pitcher

Why choose a left handed pitcher to face a left handed batter?

As a general rule, in pressure situations managers seem to like having a left handed pitcher facing a left handed batter and a right handed pitcher facing a right handed batter. One explanation could be the angle the ball travels ... a curve ball from a left handed pitcher moves away from a left handed hitter while it moves towards a right handed hitter. Odds are a hitter is not going to hit a ball that is moving away as hard as is a hitter that has the ball moving in. Of course, if that curve ball moves to the center of the plate it is gonna get hammered regardless of whether a lefty or righty is batting.

In baseballl what is a southpaw?

righty Southpaw means a left-handed person. So the opposite is a right-handed person.

When did Al Smith - left-handed pitcher - die?

Al Smith - left-handed pitcher - died in 1977.

When was Craig Anderson - left-handed pitcher - born?

Craig Anderson - left-handed pitcher - was born in 1980.

When was Al Smith - left-handed pitcher - born?

Al Smith - left-handed pitcher - was born in 1907.

You are a left-handed thrower but you bat like a right-handed is that bad or unnormal and Should you train to bat left or is it too late?

There is no appropriate category for this question. If you throw left handed and bat right handed you are giving up the advantage of batting left handed against right handed pitching. Since there are more right handed pitchers and it is supposed to be an advantage to bat the opposite hand of the pitcher it would be a good idea to work on batting left handed. Don't stop batting right handed though as this is an advantage against left handed pitching. From what country are you?

Who is it easier to steal first base from left or right handed pitcher?

You can't steal first base. It's easier to steal second base off of a right handed pitcher because the right handed pitcher has his back to the runner on first, and therefore has a harder time trying to pick the runner off.

Why do left-handed pitchers pitch to left-handed batters in baseball?

The answer is because left handed batters hit worse off left handed pitchers. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is spin. A left handed pitcher will more easily be able to put spin on a ball that causes the pitch to move from the right side to the left side of the plate (from the catcher's view). This spin moves away from a left handed hitter and toward a right handed hitter. It is believed, with lots of data to support it, that a ball spinning away from a hitter is harder to hit than one spinning closer to the hitter. That's one reason a left handed batter is worse at hitting a left handed pitcher. The other reason is sight and release points. The same principle of spin applies that a pitch moving away from the batter is harder to hit than one moving closer to a batter. Because of the pitcher's release point, a left handed pitcher will release the ball somewhere to the right of the mound (from the catcher's view) when the ball is thrown. If we assume the ball has no spin and is pitched to the center of home plate, it will have moved from the right of the mound to the center of the plate. This movement from a left handed pitcher is going away from a left handed hitter and going closer to a right handed hitter. There is not much difference between how well right handed batters fare against right handed pitchers and left handed pitchers because right handed pitchers are so common that right handed batters don't have the same level of disadvantage as left handed batters do against left handed pitchers. But the reason why right handed batters are better than left handed batters against left handed pitchers is mostly explained with spin and release points.