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It is not "natural" for a lefty to play second base, third base, or short stop. This is because of the footwork needed to make a play to first and second bases and the need for a lefty to turn his body around to make a throw. This would put a double-play combination at a severe disadvantage. In the infield that leaves first base. It is not uncommon to see lefties pitching or playing outfield.

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A left-handed throwing catcher would have a harder time throwing runners out at third, since it's easier to throw across your body, a right hander to his left, and a left hander to his right. This is the same reason that there are no left handed second basemen, shortstops, or third basemen, since their most common throw (to first base) is to their left. A left handed catcher would have an easier throw trying to pick a runner off first.

Also, since most batters hit right handed, a left handed catcher would more commonly find the batter slightly in his way as he tried to throw down to second.

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Yes, there have been left handed throwing Catchers such as the Pirates' Benny Distefano, the Boston Beaneaters' Jack Clements and others would include Bill Harbride, Sy Sutcliffe, Fergy Malone, Sam Trott and Pop Tate. Another one was Jiggs Donahue of the Milwaukee Brewers.

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There have been a few left-handed throwing catchers; the most prolific of them would be Jack Clements, with over 1,000 games caught.

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most definitely not. even if someone were a capable left handed catcher no manager would allow one on their team.

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Q: Are there any left handed catchers in Major League Baseball?
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