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the inside of a Golf ball is called the core. i have not yet found any other name for it.

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Q: What is the stuff in a golf called?
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What is the play ground of golf called?

It's called golf course.

When you hit the flag in golf what is it called?

When you hit the flag in golf its called a pinshot.

What is golf winner called?

the master of golf

Why doesn't the golf channel show live golf when tournament starts?

Because they are at weird times where they show other stuff

What are the the names of the stuff in golf?

Clubs? they are the things that you hit the ball with

Which golf course is called the home of golf?

This is not where golf was created, but St. Andrews Golf Links (Old) is considered the home of golf.

Why are golf clubs called clubs?

Because A Club Is Usually A Long Stick, And Its Used To Play Golf, So Its Called A Golf Club.

What is a stroke in golf?

A strock in golf is called a shot

What is the peg for a golf ball called?

a golf tee

Is golf a place or thing?

Golf is a sport that is played in a place called a golf course.

How tall do you have to be to drive golf n stuff go karts?


What is the golf course called in the Turkish open?

Golf dersi.

Why is the masters golf tournament called the masters?

because they are all masters at golf

When is a golf ball not called a golf ball?

When it is not on the list of conforming golf balls as compiled by the R and A and USGA.

Stuff that starts with the letter g?

Game, garter, gasket, gavel, glove, golf ball, guitar and gun are stuff. They begin with the letter g.

Is there a song about golf to download for a golf video?

The website is called:

How do you you called a long thing to hit the golf ball?

A golf club

Why is stuff called stuff?

because stuff

How can you get on with people?

if you meen to make them like you ask stuff that they like and say you do to or observe there surroundings like if there is a golf trophy on one of the shelves say something about golf.

What do the numbers on a golf ball mean?

the number on golf balls doesn't mean anything to the ball like the performance and stuff, but what it does is it helps players recognise there ball.

What is 19th hole in the golf?

The 19th hole in golf is called the club house

Why are they called golf balls?

They are balls golf. That's it. No particular reason.

What are some facts on Nancy Lopez?

she played golf, she was called the queen of golf

Where can one find current golf news?

One can find current golf news at a website called Golf Channel. Other websites that one can find current golf news on include ESPN and another website called PGA.

Is the golf driver called the hammer legal in golf tourneyments?

You cannot use golf carts in a professional tournament, so no