What is the story about undertaker?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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The story is, Kane and the undertaker were playing with matches and Kane accidently burned down the house killing his mom and dad. The undertaker felt responsible for this because he was the oldest and should've known better. Paul Bearer (the undertaker's manager) made the undertaker believe that he burned it down and the undertaker admitted that he did but he didn't. The undertaker thought Kane was dead after the fire but the Kane interfered in the undertakers match with Shawn Michaels for the first time. Taker looked at Kane confused and Kane delivered a tombstone piledriver. And that's the undertakers childhood story. (:

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Q: What is the story about undertaker?
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In the story line with undertaker's parent's died in the fire in reality did undertaker's parents died in a fire?

No in real life Mark's (the undertaker) parents are alive and doing well.

Was the Undertaker badly hurt when Kane found him?

No, it's just a story. Undertaker is taking time off to heal his body.

How did undertaker die on smackdown?

WWE is know for fake story lines. Most likely the undertaker is not dead but juts faking for the sake of the storyline they created.

You would like the undertaker to have more better story lines like the old days and have another rivery with Kane?

no............undertaker will have his hands on john cena

Are WWE superstars Kane and undertaker borthers?

No they aren't. It was just a part of the story lines.

Did Kane injure undertaker?

God I hope not that would be the crappiest story line ever

Why Did Paul Bearer Betray Undertaker?

Undertaker didnt betray Paul Barrer, Paul Berrer betrayed Undertaker. He did that because Paul says that he is Kane's Father, and he just does not like Undertaker.

What did Kane do to undertaker on WWE 2010?

first heres how the story goes. the undertaker was thought dead by Kane then the fake death was blamed on rey mysterio when the undertaker told Kane. the undertaker got mad at Kane they fought in hell in a cell. then the undertaker fought Kane in a buried alive match Kane buried the undertaker alive. sadly to beloved fans, but you know he might come back one day.

Who try to kill undertaker?

no one that was a fake story The Undertaker suffered a concussion, broken orbital bone and broken nose During the match on May 28, defeating Rey Mysterio

Did the undertaker get hurt in a match with rey mysterio?

Ya,rey mysterio broke his nose during a match and they made a story line that undertaker has been attacked by a wwe superstar while that is planned undertaker is having a nose injury and Kane is getting a push

Why does taker hate Kane?

In the WWE fiction, The Undertaker and Kane are brothers. Apparently (even the fictional story is unclear), a fire caused by The Undertaker when he was a kid killed their mother and left Kane emotionally disturbed. Therefore Kane hates The Undertaker, who of course hates him back.

Did the undertaker die at bragging rights 2011?

No, he didn't die. He was supposed to win the match but suffered injury thus making WWE to turn the story-line. And Undertaker is still alive :P