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Cross Country running. Or Track and Field.

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Q: What is the sport with the most running?
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What is the most popular sport in your country and why?

The most popular sport in the country is running

What sport does the most running?

Soccer and Lacrosse are the two sports with the most running. Other than running, of course.

What is the team sport with the most running?


What was the most common sport in ancient Greece?


What sport has the most running?

Lacrosse has the most running in a single game alone. It is harder and in my opinion better. There is a lot of running, blocking, checking, etc.

Which sport has jamacia won the most medals in?

probably running

Is running the worlds most participated in sport or pastime?

honestly,as asports science student,yes because most physical sports involve running

What sport uses the metatarsals?

Any sport that required running. However soccer players get the most attention

Which is the most common and most useful sport?

The most common sport is soccer. It is played in nearly every country. Lots of sports are useful. Running is very useful before breakfast. There is not a most useful sport because lots are for different things.

In which sport do you burn the most calories running football swimming or tinnis?


What is the most common sport in jamaica?

athletics (running & long jump)

What sport has the most running football or basketball?

for both it depends on ppositions but usually Football

What is the most unusual sport in Spain?

Gymnastics Or the annual "Running of the Bulls" at Pamplona.

Which summer olympic sport burns the most calories?

running, but swimming still burns a lot

What type of sport is trail running considered to be?

Trail Running is comparable with Cross Country Running. The one exception is that Trail Running is done on longer routes. Trail Running is running and hiking over trails. It is considered to be a running sport.

Where is the best place to find running shorts?

Most any sport store will most likely have quality running shorts. These include but are not limited to sports authority and also dick's sporting goods.

What is Icelands most popular sport?

Iceland's most populare outdoor sports are: outdoor swimming, running, football and beach volleyball.

What was the most popular sport in ancient Greece?

running EDIT: There was no main sport thay just played all the sports that existed.

Is running an activity?

No. Running is the only true sport

Why is running the best sport ever?

running is the best sport because it used in baseball soccer football and many more

Why did ice hockey come into the Olympics?

Because it is a sport you could ask the same about running... Why did running come into the olympics? Because it is a sport!

Is a runner a sport?

Road running is a sport. The runner is the person who does the participating.

What running sport is the fastest?

Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet.

What is hellen Keller favorite sport?

What was her fav sport I think 🤔 track because running with her dog

What is a anaerobic sport?