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it all depends on the dogs they could go realy slow or realy fast.

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Q: What is the speed dogs run in long distances for the iditarod?
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How long is the jr iditarod?

The jr Iditarod is about 154 miles long.

Is the Junior Iditarod race as long as the Iditarod race?

no of corse by alot

What are interstates?

A network of roads for the purpose of traveling long distances at an above average speed.

What is brown bear top speed?

About 35 miles an hour, at top speed, but not good on long distances. Very dangerous on a 'rush'.

Why are huskies chosen for the iditarod race?

Alaskan huskies and malamutes are chosen to run the Iditarod each year. These types of dogs are chosen because they are easy tot rain, have thick coats that protect them from the bone-chilling temperatures, and have a temperament that leads them to want to succeed, making them fierce competitors.

What is interesting about the Iditarod?

Whats interesting about the Iditarod is that its a 1,500 mile long race across Alaska that lasts a long time.

How long is the trail of the Iditarod?

1,500 miles long

What kind of dogs are used in the Iditarod Dogsled Race?

If a musher is looking for speed they'll use mostly mutts who have many different breeds in their lineage and who have acclimated to the cold weather and running super long distances. If they just want to get to the finish line they'll use Huskies and Malamutes. The latter 2 are used more for power than speed, but the mixed breed dogs are bred for speed, power, and ease of training. Most mushers will have a few Huskies and Malamutes on their team to provide an extra "push", but past that an experience Iditarod racer will usually opt for mixed breeds.

What dog follows the lead dog in the Iditarod?

Any dog as long as they are heathy fast and strong. Iditorod racers usually choose dogs that are used to the cold climate and harsh weather like huskys. It's up to them really. Two dogs that are called swing dogs.

What kind of turkey can fly in short distances up to 55 mph?

Yes, turkeys can fly up to 55 mph,but not for very long distances

Do dogs get car sick?

It depends (like people) on the individual animal. Some dogs are quite happy to travel long distances in cars, while others are sick after a short journey.

What type of dogs are used in an iditarod race?

Pretty well any working-type dog of almost any breed, from German Shepherds to Huskies or pointers or setters to even collies. In Inuit (or is it Eskimo?) the term "husky" refers to any dog that lives in an eskimo (or inuit) village and is used for sledding. So long as they can pull a sled and keep up with the rest of the dogs in an Iditarod race, they're going to be used as sled dogs.