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most players would have an average salary of £15000 per year but tns players would get paid about £30000 per year

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Q: What is the salary of football players in the welsh premier league?
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What is the lowest salary for football players in the English premier league?


Average football players salary?

They make in the regions of 50k-75k a week in the Barclays premier league. Some can make up to 150K.

What salary do football league 1 players get?


What is the median salary for Football players in the Belgian Premier League?

It depends... I think it's about 220 000 euros per year. But for example, RSCA players have wages going from 400 000 euros - 1 700 000 euros a year while other clubs in the 'Premier League' pay their players a lot less.

What is the average salary for the scottish premier league?

Average salary in Scots Premier league is £3,000 a week

How much do CFL players get paid?

Salaries in the Canadian Football League are much lower than those in the National Football League. CFL players make an average salary of $80,000 per year.

Salary in college football players?

College football athletes don't have a salary.

What Salary do Football League 2 players get?

£1,000 per week Average. Highest earner is on nearly £2000

Do youth football players have a salary?

No, only professional players get paid.

What is salary cap in Indian premier league?

As of now there is no salary cap. The teams have bid huge sums of money on top players like MS Dhoni, Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pieterson etc.

Highest sports league salary?

the English football league

What is the Premier Development League average salary for a player?

The average salary of a player in the Premier Development League per week is £1,410. This therefore translates to £73320 per year.

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What is the lowest salary for football players in the English premier league?

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