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the English football league

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Q: Highest sports league salary
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Related questions

What Sports team has the the highest cap salary?

Of all sports the New York Yankees have the highest cap salary

What is the highest paid sports league?

The highest paid sports league in the world is the National Basketball Association or NBA. The highest paid individual team in the world is Manchester City.

Highest salary in sports?

The boxer Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete of all time, with a salary of 105 million dollars a year. The next highest paid athlete is soccer player Christiano Ronaldo. His salary is 80 million dollars a year.

Was there ever a professional sports team with the highest league payroll and worst league record?


Highest paid sports player?

Currently, the highest paid athlete in the world is Floyd Mayweather Junior, with an annual salary of $75.5 million. The second highest paid athlete is Christiano Ronaldo, with an annual salary of $50 million.

Who has the highest annual salary in sports?

cc sabathia. 161 million dollars for 7 years.

How much do sports announcers make?

The average salary of a sports announcer is $80,000 per year. This is the highest paying job in radio or television announcing.

What is the salary of the president and how does it compare to a major league baseball player?

In 2012, the salary of the President of the United States was $400,000 and the average salary of an MLB player was $3,440,000 (according to CBS Sports).

Who has the Highest salary contracts all time in pro sports?

i think alex rodriguez 250 million

What is the highest paying sports salary?

Even though it is not a set salary, Golf can easily be the highest earning sport with Tiger Woods being the first sports person to earn 1Billion dollars. Behind Golf would be a range of different sports from European Football, American Football, Basketball and Baseball with players easily earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a week.

What is the average basketball players salary?

NBA player salaries are the highest in American pro sports. The average NBA player salary is hefty 5.15 million dollars.

What is the average salary in the NBA?

Please don't answer these questions without at least putting in your source. None of the answers are even close. Directly from wikipedia : The average NBA salary is $5.356 million, the highest of any major North American sports league.

Sports management salary?

what is the salary for sports management

What is the average salary of a pro basketball player?

American pro basketball players have the highest average salary in American professional sports. Their average salary is 5.15 million dollars per year.

Average NFL kicker salary?

According to Sports Illustrated, the average kicker/punter salary is $868,005. Viking's punter Chris Kluwe is the highest paid specialist in the NFL at about $5 mil.

What is the average salary of an NFL player for 1 year?

As of 2014, the average salary of an NFL player is forth highest among the big four sports of basketball, baseball, hockey, and football. The average NFL salary is $1.4 million per year.

What does AA stand for in sports?

AA stands for double a in minor league baseball. There is triple a, double a and single a. Triple a is the highest, double a is second highest and single a is the lowest.

Who is the most paid player in the world sports?

LeBron James is the highest paid though he is not the richest, there are several richer sports men who earned their money through competition winnings as apose to weekly salary

What womens sports play a salary?

Womens National Basketball League (WNBA), Soccer,Tennis,Golf....That's all I can think of , SORRY =(...

Sports analyst salary sports analyst salary?

it is around 65 thoysand dollars a year

What team pays the highest salary in the NFL?

According to Fox Sports, the highest payroll in the NFL for the 2006 season was the Atlanta Falcons at $115,898,467. The Seattle Seahawks were the second highest at $105,090,697. On the flip side the Buffalo Bills had the lowest payroll in 2006 at $49,726,549.

What is the only sport created in the US that does not have roots in another sport?

Major professional sports league, or simply major league, is a term used in the United States and Canada for the highest professional competitions in team sports. The term "major league" was first used in 1921 in reference to Major League Baseball, the top level of professional American baseball.

What is the highest paying sport-?

English Premier League soccer team Manchester City is the best-paid sports team in the world

Who is the highest paider in sports now?

Currently, Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete, bringing in $85 million in salary. Others in the top 5 include Manny Pacquiao, Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and Roger Federer.

Who was the highest paid player ever in sports?

Manny Pacquio is the highest paid athlete right now and has made the biggest salary ever. From May 2011 to 2012 he has made 67 million dollars. The next person is Tiger Woods.