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possibly Table Tennis?

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2012-11-13 21:18:37
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Q: What is the safest sport you can be in?
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What is the most safest sport?


Is softball the safest sport?


What is the safest sport in school?

Well no sport can be safe, but dancing is I guess. And yes it is a sport.

Is NASCAR the safest sport?

NASCAR is a pretty safe sport, but maybe not the safest. That is a matter of opinion, I say probably. But it just depends on the person you ask.

What sport is the safest?

probably bowling if you count that as a sport

Are sports safe?

It depends what sport, boxing and Wrestling are not the safest sports, but things like tennis and Basketball are safe. It all depends on what sport you are talking about!

What is world sport day?

Football aka Soccer is the highest played sport in the world. A sport that is growing is baskeball. But your safest bet is soccer

What sport is recommended not to play if you have injured your head?

Ideally, you should not play any sport while recovering from a head injury. Golf is probably the safest thing you could find.

What is the safest phone?

what is the safest phone what is the safest phone what is the safest phone

Which horcrux was the safest?

what do you mean??? safest to retrieve? safest to destroy? safest hiding place? safest to be near for a long period of time? safest what???

What actions are the safest in order to safest to least safest?

safest walking non safe running

Should you tuck your shirt in or leave out with a sport coat?

Tucked in shirt will always be the safest way. However, you can leave it out if the shirt have acceptable hem and is not too long.

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