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You can either

  • Play the ball as it lies,
  • Take a penalty (1 stroke) drop two club lengths from where the ball lies
  • Go back, as far as you want, keeping the point where the ball is between you and the flag and drop it (1 stroke penalty)
  • You can go back to where you played the last shot from, (1 stroke penalty).

The above rules assume you find your ball, if you can't find it, you must use the fourth option.

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There are three options for continuing play when your ball gets stuck in a tree: play the ball as it lies; declare the ball unplayable; or take a lost ball. Most people declare the ball unplayable. Under rule 28 - If the player deems the ball unplayable, he must,under penalty of one stroke, play the ball as nearly as possible at the spot the original ball from which the original ball was last played or (2) drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay.

See here:

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get yourself unstuck from the tree, and hit the ball on the green.. get yourself unstuck from the tree, and hit the ball on the green..

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As long as you or your playing partners have seen the animal (or bird) remove the ball it may be replaced at the best estimate of where it was taken from with no penalty.

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Q: What is the ruling on a golf ball stuck up a tree?
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During the 1981 Benson and Hedges International, Langer hit his second shot into a tree by the 17th green. Famously, Langer climbed the tree and played his third shot, knocking the ball onto the green. Langer missed his putt for par and went on to finish second in the tournament.

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If you take a shot in golf an it hits a tree an comes back an hits you is it a 2 shot penalty?

Yes, it is. If the ball hits the player at anytime there is a two shot penalty, and the ball must be played as it lies.

Why would a ladder be used during a game of Golf?

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