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You mark where the ball would lie if it was on the ground, lift it, move the cart and then drop the ball as close to where it would be as if it was on the ground. This is a free drop.

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Q: What is the rule when the golf ball lands in a cart?
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What happens when your golf ball lands on the wrong green?

According to the PGA rule 25.b.3: If the ball lies on the putting green, the player must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief that is not in a hazard.

In golf if a ball lands in front of another ball does the opponent get to hit the ball again so the other person doesn't knock the ball?

Yes and No. This is covered by Rule 22-2 Ball Interfering with Play of the Rules of Golf. Except when a ball is in motion, if a player considers that another ball might interfere with his play, he may have it lifted. A ball lifted under this Rule must be replaced (see Rule 20-3). The ball must not be cleaned unless it lies on the putting green (see Rule 21). In stroke play, a player required to lift his ball may play first rather than lift the ball.

What is the one rule regarding the golf ball?

Hit it

Which sport has this rule Play the ball as it lies?


What is the rule if the ball moves when in your down swing and you carry on and hit the golf ball?

nothing you play the ball from where it lies from where you hit it

In golf what happens if your ball lands in a bunker full of water?

Under rule 28 there are three options: Drop the ball without penalty in the bunker with the least amount of water, but not nearer the hole. Drop the ball behind the bunker with a penalty of one stroke Declare the ball unplayable and follow rule 28 which allows drops and a penalty of one stroke.

When was the stymie rule removed from the official rules of golf?

The stymie rule was removed from the official rules of golf in 1952. Before this rule was removed a golf player would need to have to play around another ball in play even if they caused an obstruction.

In golf what is the rule if ball hits bottom cup and comes out?

Simply, the ball must come to rest at the bottom of the cup for the ball to be holed.

Which way will the golf ball go if the ball is higher that your feet?

As a general rule of thumb the golf ball will follow the direction of the slope. This means that if you are a right handed golfer and the ball is above your feet then ball will travel right to left. If you are left handed then the ball will travel left to right. Another rule would be that the ball being above your feet will result in a hook while below your feet will result in a slice.

In Golf.....Rule for ball in play?

you hit the ball towards the flag. But if it goes in a water hazard, you drop before the water.

When did you drop a golf ball over your shoulder?

Rule changed to dropping at arm's length in 1984.

Under what circumstances should a ball be lifted and marked on the green as a courtesy to the others?

Rule #22 in The Rules of Golf says when the ball interferes or assists an opponents ball.

Why does tiger mark his golf ball with a black line?

Before he putts he will mark his ball and clean and replace the ball, lining up the line directly at the hole. It helps him aim the ball. There is no rule against it.

What is the rule if your golf ball is in a hole and you can not swing your club?

Take it out of the hole and take a one shot penalty and place the ball no closer to the pin and in line with the hole.

Is it a rule that you put a mark on your golf ball?

No, it was actually made up by a golfer in the 20th century who thought it was lucky.

In golf what do you if your ball is on a ant pile?

If this happens you can get a free drop under the rule that you can not harm any living animals.

Can you play a different kind of golf balls on different holes in the same round?

Yes, in amateur golf there is nothing stopping you. The only thing you cannot do is change ball midway through a hole. On the professional tours there is a one ball rule.

A line drive at the pitchers mound ball hits the mound and deflects back behind home plate and lands out of play Whats the call?

A batted ball that hits the pitcher's mound (or any base) is considered a fair ball. A fair ball that lands out of play is considered a ground rule double.

You hit a golf ball in an empty lake your partners dont want you to look for it but theres a chance i can find it?

You are allowed five minutes under the lost ball rule

What golf course in India has the rule hit the ball where the monkey drops it?

I could be wrong, but I believe it is the Royal Calcutta in India.

.when walking with bag can you lean against oppositions golf cart during a comeptition Rules for using golf carts during competition?

There is not a rule or regulation for this but it may just be general etiquette not to. Although your opponent may not mind then it is fine, no penalty would be given either way.

What is Rule 14.2 in golf?

Rule 14.2 is about Assistance. 14.2:- A) Physical assistance and protection from elements. B) Positioning of caddie or partner behind ball.

What is the rule if you hit a cartpath sign in the fairway?

If your ball lands on the fairway or in bounds, there is no penalty for hitting a cartpath or any other sign. You have to play the ball where it lies just like if you hit a boulder or tree.

What is 1 rule of golf?

One rule in golf is that there you can only have up to 14 clubs in your bag at once.

What is the rule for 7 iron loft low to high?

There is no rule saying how high or low the loft of any club can be. Someone at my golf school has an 11 degree driver since he cannot hit the ball very high.