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It is illegal to wear them in high school for safety reasons.

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Q: What is the rule about wearing skull caps under a football helmet?
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Can you wear a skull cap under your helmet?

Yes you can wear a skull cap under a ski helmet.

What do football players wear under there helmets?

some where "skull caps" which is like a compression type of material but in high school its a rule that you can't wear anything under your helmet

How much is the ticket for not wearing a helmet in a skatepark?

You dont have to wear a helmet unless your under 18 years old.

Does the under armour football visor fit on a lacrosse helmet?


How can dertermin the age of a football helmet?

by the code under the jaw pad

Why doesn't Miley Cyrus get a ticket for riding her bike without a helmet. In California it is ILLEGAL for anyone under the age of 18 NOT wearing a helmet?

Possibly because she's famous?

Why do quarterbacks take off their helemt and put on caps?

It keeps the sweat out of their eyes. Football players sweat a lot under those helmets and when they take them off, it will roll into their eyes. Some guys wear the skull caps under their helmets for the same reason, and so that their helmet doesn't pull their hair out when they take it off.

Can you get a ticket for not wearing a bike helmet?

In CA you can. Other states I don't know. In most states you can only get a ticket if you are under the age of 13 and without a bike helmet, but again, this varies between states.

Whats the name of the black du-rag look alike that goes under football helmets?

Skull cap, like from under armour

What does football player wears under his pads?

A Du Rag under the helmet underarmour shirt and compression shorts with some hood tube socks

Are bike helmets allowed to wear even if you get a ticket?

You can, under some circumstances, get a ticket for notwearing a helmet - but I can't think of a situation where you would get a ticket for wearing it.

Do you wear Baseball caps under baseball helmets?

You can, but most players don't. If the helmet is too big, wearing your cap under it is a good way to make it fit better though.

Can you run with the football under your uniform?

no, but if you happen to catch it in your helmet bars like in the cartoons or movies you can run with it that way BUT you cant place it there and then run

What are the advantages of wearing under armour when playing football?

One advantage of wearing Under Armour when playing football is that the tight fit of the garment helps to prevent muscle fatigue and keeps the muscles warm. Another advantage is that the material is designed to pull moisture away from the body. This helps prevent overheating of the body.

Master Chief of halo?

he is spartan under his helmet has another helmet

Who is wearing under armor football boots?

Bobby Zamora, Fulham FC wears them. More I think but not officially as far as I know.

What do American footballers wear under their helmets?

You don't wear anything under your helmet, the helmet has padding on the inside that protects you. But, you might have seen so called "skull capps" that some people wear, usually the people that wear those are people protecting their hair style, or just to try and look cool. "Skull capps" are made out of elastic materials, and are pretty expensive most of the time, the only people that wear them on my team are the rich kids who buy them just because they looked cool at the store and they wanted to get one.

If i have a helmet and I am under the age of six-teen can you ride a motorized bicycle?

If you have a helmet yes

What does master chief look like without a helmet?

He wears a helmet under his helmetSource:

Who must wear a motorcycle helmet?

any one under 21 MUST wear a helmet, but anyone over has to have insurance but doesn't have to wear a helmet

Can you get BV from wearing wet under wear?

You won't get BV from wearing wet under wear.

What is the age limit to wear a helmet in ontario?

All Bicycle riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet

What kind of hats can you wear under a horseback riding helmet?

You can use a toque under a helmet but if you are looking for warm you can buy a cover that goes over the helmet. I have one that works quite well Check out this link.

In Snowboarding would you wear a beanie over your helmet?

You could, but you will keep your head warmer if you wear your beanie UNDER your helmet.

Who wore Darth Vader's helmet?

Anakin Skywalker is hidden under the helmet.