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Q: What is the record number of medals won in any commonwealth games?
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How many medals India had in delhi?

India won 101 medals at their home Games in Delhi. It is a new record for them at the Commonwealth Games.

How do you win the Commonwealth Games?

By wining the highest number of Gold medals...

Who won the highest number of gold medals at single games in commonwealth games?


Which country has won second highest number of gold medals in 2010 Commonwealth Games?

India had the second most gold medals at their home Commonwealth Games in 2010 with 38.

Number of medals Scotland won in 2006 commonwealth games?

Scotland won 29 (11 gold, 7 silver & 11 bronze) medals in the 2006 commonwealth games to finish 6th in the medals table

Who won the most medals in commonwealth games in 2010?

Australia won the most medals at the Commonwealth Games with 177.

How many gold medals did India get in the commonwealth games 2010?

India won 38 Gold medals in 2010 Commonwealth games.

How many nations are taking part in the commonwealth games 2014?

71 Commonwealth Games nations took part in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The number is a record for a Commonwealth Games.

How many medals did andra parades win in commonwealth games?

Andra Parades has won zero medals at the Commonwealth Games.

What country has won the most commonwealth youth games medals?

Australia has won the most Commonwealth Games medals with 2216.

How many medals did Scotland win in the 2006 Commonwealth Games?

Scotland won 29 medals in the 2006 commonwealth games

How many medals did Tanzania win in the 2010 commonwealth games?

Tanzania didn't win medals in 2010 commonwealth games.