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Q: What is the record for the most deuces in one game in high school tennis?
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What was the record number of deuces?

The record number of deuces in a tennis game occurred in a game that lasted to 80 points in a singles game in 1975. There were a total of 39 deuces in the game.

What is the most amount of deuces in a single tennis game?

there is no exact number, it depends on each player.

What is the world record for most lets in a game of tennis?


What is duec in tennis?

Deuce* If your playing a game with deuces and ads, and the game gets to a point where the server is at 40, and your at 30 and you win the point and then both are 40-40 ; Which is called deuce. then its ads from there.

What is the record for most dueces in a tennis game?

37, although my friend and i once had about 50.

When does the tennis finish?

It depends. In real matches it is 5 sets for men and 3 sets for women. There are 6 games in a set, 3 points in a game. there are also deuces and tie breakers. Other than that it's up to YOU.

What is the longest rally recorded in professional tennis?

The record for the longest tennis rally was set on July 20, 2013. There were 50,970 strokes in a game between Frank and Dennis Fuhrmann.

What does a tennis game start with?

A tennis game starts with a serve.

What is the record for highest attendance for a high school basketball game?


Which country national game is tennis?

tennis is India's national game.

Who made up the game of tennis?

The Romans made up the game tennis but they used wooden tennis rackets.

Rudy Tomjanovich holds the Michigan school game record with how many rebounds in one game?


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