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The function of a skateboard is quite a few. They are used for transportation, as a pastime and hobby, and some even use them to help them practice Surfing while they have no access to the ocean. a skateboard is one of the funnest things you can own. it has all kinds of uses from exercising to work. some NBA teams have used skateboards to use in training their players, while people like Tony Hawk, Andy McDonald, and Paul Rodriguez make a great living doing contest and selling their products. a person who is able to make money with a board is able to do any trick from an ollie to a tre flip, and be able to land them almost everytime.

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The purpose of a Skateboard?

its a way of transportation/ to get to places quicker.

you can have fun riding them, you can learn to do tricks.

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To keep the wheels rolling when you stop pushing.

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For transportation and Recreation

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Q: What is the purpose of a skateboard?
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