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Q: Is the correct term Skate board or skateboard?
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Why is a skateboard called a skateboard?

A skateboard takes its name from 'skate', in the sense of ,roller-skate(s)', or 'ice-skate(s)' plus 'board', in the sense of 'surfboard'. The term was first used in southern California, in 1963.

Where can be skateboard played?

u dont play with skateboards , correct term "ride with skateboards"

Can you call roller skate as roll skate?

No, the proper term is roller skate.

What is the french cooking term skate?

Skate is "raie".

What is skateboard?

a device for riding upon, usually while standing, consisting of a short, oblong piece of wood, plastic, or aluminum mounted on large roller-skate wheels, used on smooth surfaces and requiring better balance of the rider than the ordinary roller skate does.A skateboard is a piece of shaped molded wood for street Surfing, or even street skating, the sport "Skateboarding" is more of a passion and not really even a sport.a skateboard is a wooden board with with wheels that you can Skate with Skating is Indeed a sport, Moving a wooden block with four one inch wheels and maneuvering it in a way to do a trick after less than a one foot jump before you hit the floor. Thank you

How do you say skate park in french?

We would use the english-term "skate-park". Maybe French Canadian have a specific term.

What Is the Spanish term that means to skate?


What is the term for a place where people go to ice-skate indoors?


What does booshlaka mean?

It is A Slang-short-term For A victory - or anything that Is Cool, Something For example, " A kid Does a Really good-fancy-Trick on his skate-board he would go booshlaka - Meaning - Look at me I am sick, and i survived it.

What does 'natural foot' mean?

The term 'natural foot' is talking about the lead foot, closest to the nose of a surfboard, skateboard, or whatever board you happen to be on. It should feel completely natural and require no thought to which foot is your 'natural foot'

What is the medical term meaning board-like?

Rigid is the medical term meaning board-like.

Is a kicks sneaker a skate sneaker?

Kicks is a general term for sneakers or shoes.

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