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Wear protective gloves (cutters or Nike hyper beast) wear low profile shoulder pads that are small on you to prevent the d line from grabbing you up top a helmet should cover the neck area a little bit and be a little high up to your eye level... If you have bad knees I know I use knee braces in game and practice sometimes training too also get some ankle high cleats with long spikes... Lead from the front!

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i guess u just wear your pads like knee pads shoulder pads helmet mouthpeice uniform and your cup most importantly bring A game

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Shoulder Pads

Tail Pad (Tailbone)

Thigh Pads

Knee Pads


Gloves, Rib Protectors, Girdle, Helmet Visor, and any other pads are optional.

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You need a jersey, shorts, stockings and shingaurds as well as football boots to play a match.

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Q: What is the proper gear to wear as a offensive lineman?
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they wear Riddell Revolution and get the face mask with alot of bars or the face mask with a bar going through the middle of the face mask like the raiders offensive lineman Robert Gallery

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no. in order to play offensive line, the player must have an ineligible number (50-79) all numbers except for those in the previously stated range are eligible as receivers and cannot play offensive line without declaring themselves ineligible to receive to the official prior to each play.

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