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Offensive lineman should not be required to wear visors because many of them have a very large cage. Justin Tuck uses a helmet (I think it's an ION 4D or DNA) that has more bars than I've seen on any other helmet.

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Q: Should offensive linemen wear helmet visors?
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Helmet visors with cool designs on them can be purchased from Ride Apart, Etsy, Amazon, Helmet Superstore, Race Visors, Bike World, Helmet Boys and Sports Unlimited.

Rules for NFL helmet visors?

The NFL has banned helmet visors unless prescribed by a physician.

Do hockey visors come with screws?

No because screws are in the helmet

How does f1 driver sees while driving?

They have visors in their helmet which can help them to see out of

Is there a material that you can alternate between transparency or tinted and can it be used for a helmet visor?

Visors and sunglasses are typically used to block out the sun. You can usually wear either or both even while wearing a helmet. Sunglasses and visors come in a variety of tints and colors.

Can a snowmobile helmet be used as a motorcycle helmet?

yes but they say you should change your visor to a single lens instead of a double, snowmobile visors are not made for highway use, and are not safe eye protection. as for the shell most exceed dot specs.

What are football visors made of?

the best one i think is oakley that's what i wear.there clear they don't scratch and yeah.

Can NFL quarterbacks wear tinted helmet visors?

NCAA football members may wear tinted visors only under special conditions. Documentation from an ophthalmologist and/or neurologist must be obtained by the member to prove the need for tinted visors.

Will an Itech visor fit on a CCM helmet?

Check they have a comparison guide listing helmets to visors matches

Who are some football players that have visors on their helmets?

Football helmets that have visors on them are used to help protect the player's eyes from the sunlight, dirt or grass. An example of a football player that uses this type of helmet is Chevis Jackson.

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Sidney Crosby wears Oakley VR903 Pro Straight Visors

In halo reach how do you make noble six look like a ODST?

Use the ODST helmet, shoulders, chest, default wrist. In the cut scenes the ODST's had black visors but during gameplay they had silver visors. Hope this helps :)