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theres no penalty, you just look stupid

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Q: What is the penalty in dodge ball if you get hit in the head with a ball?
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If you lose a golf ball Then take a penalty and hit another ball you then find the lost ball do you take the penalty or hit the lost ball?

Once you have taken the penalty and hit the new ball, you may not hit the old ball again. Play on with the penalty and the new ball.

Is a helmet hit below the knee a penalty hit?

it is not a penalty if the person you hit is the ball carrier. but it is however a penalty if the hit a lineman or any other non ball carrier.

Are you allowed to hit your opponents ball while putting in match play without penalty?

Only if you were off the green when your ball hit your opponents ball. If you were on the green and you hit their ball then in matchplay the penalty is loss of the hole.

If you hit your bag with your club on a golf swing is there a penalty?

No, no penalty. Just watch out. It is a one shot penalty if you hit the bag or equipment with your ball.

What is the penalty for being hit by your own ball while in a hazard?

2 shot penalty

What is a penalty in lacrosse?

Slash, dead ball push, cross check, hit to the head, trip, unsportsman like conduct, and more...

What sport originated from China?

Dodge Ball...... Many century ago they would use a severed head as a ball and try to hit one another with it and somewhere down the line the head was substituted with a ball elsewhere!

If you hit a tee-box marker what is the penalty?

No penalty, play the ball as it lies and work on your game.

Is there a penalty if we play and Hit other players ball on green?

If you are on the green and you hit another ball which is on the green, you receive a two shot penalty and must play your ball where it lies. The other ball must be replaced, you should have asked the other player to move the ball. If however you are not on the green and hit another ball, there is no penalty, you again play yours as it lies and the other ball must be replaced.

When golfing you hit someone's golf bag who incurs the penalty?

when you hit someone else golf bag with with your golf ball what is the penalty

Why is dodge ball dangerous?

Dodge ball can be dangerous. It is not that wimps think it's dangerous but if you think about it than it can be because people can get hit in the head and face. You could break noses but the chance of that is pretty slim.

What are facts about dodge ball?

1. I you get hit then your out.

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