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2 stroke penalty for contacting the ball while it is moving

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Q: What is the penalty for double hitting the golf ball out of a bunker in match play situation?
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What is the penalty for double hitting the golf ball?

A double hit counts as 2 strokes.

Where do you drop if you double hit a golf shot?

You don't drop unless it lands in the water or you can't find it. Double hitting is when you take a shot and the club hits the ball twice. Usually, you get a 1 shot penalty in most cases.

What is disqualification in volleyball?

Double-hitting the ball.

What are the release dates for Archie Bunker's Place - 1979 Double Date 4-4?

Archie Bunker's Place - 1979 Double Date 4-4 was released on: USA: 17 October 1982

Words with double t?

Heres One; Hitting.

5 Which penalty may NOT be assessed for illegal contact to an opponent's head a minor penalty b double minor penalty c major penalty?


How can you score two goals in a powerplay?

if the penalty is a major penalty.. such as a five minute penalty or a double minor, 4 minute penalty... the penalty does not expire once a goal is scored like on a 2 minute minor, so you can potentially score more than one goal

Who has the record for hitting into double plays?

The record for grounding into double plays in a career is 350 by Cal Ripken Jr.

What happens when someone on your team double dribbles what is the penalty in basketball?


What does hitting a double mean in coed softball?

Hitting a double means that because of your hit you were able to advance two bases safely. it means the same thing in all type of softball. It also means the same thing in baseball.

Hitting the ball two times in a row is call what in volleyball?

a double hit.

In Ice Hockey is there any time when a penalty is called but a goal is scored before the whistle is blown that the penalty is still served by the player?

if the penalty was a double minor, a major, misconduct, or if there were two penalties on the same player in the same play.

Can you have a double power play in hockey?

Yes, there are 5 on 3 powerplays, but that is the most. If there are more than 2 people who commit a penalty, the latest penalty stays in the box but the penalty doesn't start until the first person there is let out.

Can you get more than one power play goal in the same penalty?

Yes, if the penalty is a double minor you can score twice, or if it is a major you can score an unlimited number of times.

Is an unintentional double hit in tennis illegal?

If you mean by hitting the ball twice, then yes.

What is the golfing term for hitting the ball twice on the same swing?

Simply a double hit.

Double hit out of a sand trap?

You are penalized one stroke for hitting a moving ball.

In baseball what does hitting the cycle mean?

Hitting for the cycle refers to when one player aquires every type of hit in one game - that being a single, double, triple, and a home run.

In hockey if a team scores with a delayed penalty do they still go on the power play?

The power play technically begins the moment the referee signals the penalty, and the non-penalized team has the option to pull its goalie for an extra attacker. If the non-offending team scores during a delayed penalty call, a 2 minute minor penalty is not assessed. If the penalty is a double minor, or a second penalty is to be assessed during the delayed call, the previous penalty is negated upon a goal scored and the second penalty is then enforced.

Double fault in tennis?

Hitting 2 serves which both land outside the service box

How can you fix your electronic drums double hitting in wii guitar hero?

dont hit it as hard.

How was the first to hit a triple home run double and a single in one game?

Hitting for the cycle

What is the double tuck?

When you do two tucks in the air without hitting the ground till after the second rotation.

What is another name for a penalty in hockey?

These are types of penalties, but often used in lieu of the word penalty: minor, double minor, major, coincidental, misconduct, PIM (penalties in minutes), plus all the specific infractions that will cause a penalty such as tripping, hooking, etc...

What is the penalty for double dribble in basketball?

the other team gets the ball or there is a technical or a free throw