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Hitting a double means that because of your hit you were able to advance two bases safely. it means the same thing in all type of softball. It also means the same thing in Baseball.

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Q: What does hitting a double mean in coed softball?
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What does out mean in softball?

youre out from hitting

What does HBP mean in softball hitting stats?

Hit by pitch

What does 2 for 4 mean in hitting in softball?

It means the batter had 4 at-bats and got 2 hits.

What does the welsh word coed mean?

Coed (coyed) Means forest or wood. Coeden (coy-den) Is Tree

Is an unintentional double hit in tennis illegal?

If you mean by hitting the ball twice, then yes.

What does coed mean in cheer leading?

first of all cheerleading is one word, and coed means a team with girls and boys on it, a smoed team is a smaller coed team with fewer people

What does a run mean in softball?

In softball a run is when you score.

What does it mean when you have a coed sleepover?

When students of different genders have a sleepover.

What does a coed college mean?

It is a college where both men and women attend. Sometimes coed is used as a noun, to describe a young female student.

What does 'r' mean in softball stats?

"R" in softball stats stands for runs

In baseball what does hitting the cycle mean?

Hitting for the cycle refers to when one player aquires every type of hit in one game - that being a single, double, triple, and a home run.

How do softball pitch?

underhand? what do you mean?

What does ko mean in softball?

knocked out

How many injuries are there in softball?

whatcha mean?

What does db mean in softball?

designated batter

What does 2BB in softball mean?

2 walks

What does AB mean in softball stats?


What does PO mean in softball stats?

put out

What does GP mean in softball?

Games Played

What does E mean in softball stats?


What does coed mean for gender?

It means that both Male and Female genders can participate in that particular activity

What does it mean to hit for the cycle in baseball?

'Hitting for the cycle' means a player got a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game.

In softball what does IP mean?

It means "innings pitched"

What does saf mean in softball?

It means you aren't out?? You are safe.

What does ROE mean in softball stats?

Reached on Error