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Well for the first offense there is no penalty. It is just a warning. If their is a second infraction after the warning, that is when the team gets penalized....

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Q: What is the penalty for a sideline warning in high school football?
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What is the penalty for hurdling in high school football?

It is considered a personal foul and is a 15 yard penalty. -Football official

What is the penalty for calling two timeouts in a row in high school football?

The penalty is a 5-Yard " Delay of Game " penalty

Can a high school football team give points back for penalty yards to the other team?


What is holding penalty in high school football?

A holding penalty is called when a player either grabs the jersey or any ither equipement of the adversary and manipulates him by trying to do unwilling movememtns such as bringing the guy down or just pulling him back. It is a medium-caused penalty in football.

Is there a bathroom on the sideline of a football field?

Most stadiums have some sort of restroom facility. However, a high-school field may only have portable potties.

When an illegal formation penalty is called in high school football should the play be stopped?

No. An illegal formation penalty does not stop play. The play is only negated if the defense accepts the penalty after the play is over.

What is the penalty for offensive pass interference in high school football?

OPI is a 15yd penalty, against team A. It is penalized 15 yds from the previous spot, and a loss of down.

May the offense decline the offside penalty in high school football?

They can decline the penalty, yes... but there would be no reason to decline it, because in high school this is a dead ball foul and the play is immediately blown dead.

Is there a penality for making too much noise in a high school football game by the visiting team fans?

no, there is no penalty in the rulebook.

In high school football is an offsides penalty a dead ball foul?

Yes. Play is stopped the moment the defender crosses into the neutral zone. Technically, this is called "encroachment." There is no "offsides" foul in high school football.

Is A school crossing sign is an example of warning sign?


Is a school crossing side an example of a warning sign?


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