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loyola of Chicago

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Q: What is the only Illinois college to win the national basketball championship?
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When did Princeton last win a college football national championship?

n did princeton last win national championship in college basketball

Who won the national championship in college basketball in 2006?


Who was in last years college basketball national championship?

Connecticut and Butler

Who won 2009 college basketball national championship?

North Carolina

Who won the college basketball national championship in 1997?

The Arizona Wilcats.

Who is the favorite to win the 2010 college basketball national championship?


Who won the mens college basketball national championship in 2006?


Who won the NCAA college basketball national championship in 1944?


Which college basketball team has the most National Championship wins?

UCLA won 11 National Titles.

Who won the 2008 college basketball national championship?

Kansas - Men Tennessee - Women

Score of the 1990 National College Basketball Championship?

UNLV: 103 Duke: 73

Who won the 2008 women college basketball championship?

The Tennessee Lady Volunteers won the National Championship, defeating Stanford in the championship game.

Who are the college basketball teams with the most championships?

the team with the most national championship is ucla with 12

Who played college basketball and ended up winning a national championship in football?

Julius peppers

Who was the last white running back to win a college national championship?

Red Grange of Illinois in 1923

Which NCAA school has had the most national championship titles in college basketball?


Have any college girls and boys won a national championship in basketball the same year?

Yes uconn

Has USC ever won a college basketball national championship?

No. USC has been to two Final Fours (1940, 1954) but has not won the championship.

When did College Football's National Championship happen?

College Football's National Championship happened in 1994.

Who won the 2002 national championship in college basketball?

University of Maryland (32-4) Coached by Gary Williams

How did carmelo become famous?

He played college basketball and lead the Syracuse Orange to a national championship in his freshman year

What college basketball team was number 1 in 2010?

Duke won the men's NCAA National Championship in 2010

Who won the national college championship in basketball in 1994?

Arkansas beat Duke 76-72 to win the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1994.

When was College Football's National Championship created?

College Football's National Championship was created on 1994-05-06.

Which womens college basketball team has the most national championship wins?

U Conn 9 Tenn Vols 8