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Connecticut and Butler

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Q: Who was in last years college basketball national championship?
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What years did Ohio State University win the National Championship in basketball?


Has A College Football Team Ever Won The National Championship 3 Years In A Row?


In what years did the University of Miami win the national championship game in college football?

83, 87,89,91,01

How many national championship in football has Texas Longhorns played in?

The teams over the years that played for football National Championships in college?

Which ACC school has won a national championship in any sport the last ten years?

The Duke Blue Devils in NCAA Men's Basketball

Has WVU ever won a national championship in basketball?

Yes. In 1942 West Virginia University won the National Basketball Championship. Although the NCAA might prefer that people forget, in 1942 the NIT was the tournament deciding the National Championship. The NCAA tournament was only 3 years old and teams consistently chose the NIT over the NCAA, as they do the NCAA over the NIT today. WVU finished 16-4 and was one of the 8 teams invited to the NIT, held at Madison Square Garden. They beat Western Kentucky in the final game 47-45 to win the NIT and claim to the National Basketball Championship.

What years did the university of Nebraska win the national championship in college football?

1970-1971 1994-95 97 (shared with Michigan) 5 National Championships

Can you play 2 years of high school basketball and still play college basketball?

Yes you can. You get 4 years of high school basketball and 4 years of college.

Are there any football players that have a high school state championship a college national championship and a super bowl championship?

Quinn Johnson of the Green Bay Packers is one who has all three. He earned a high school state championship in 2003 (West St. John High - Edgard, La.). His college national championship came four years later in 2007 (LSU), and this year he celebrated a superbowl victory with the Packers at Superbowl XVL.

Which players were on the first men's NCAA All-Tournament basketball team?

Wiley Brown. Played on the 1980 championship team and the 1982 Final Four team. After college, played 2 years on the NFL as Defensive End for the Eagles. His prosthetic thumb gained national attention when it was lost, then found, the day before the 1980 championship game.

How many times have 2 different teams from the same state won the national championship in college football in consecutive years?


Which years did Duke with the NCAA basketball championship?


What years did the university of Tennessee win the football national championship?

what years did Tennessee went championship

How long is a college basketball season?

If you don't count the playoffs, it usually last about 14 months. Then every four years there is a championship series that last 1 year and a half.

Where can one buy a basketball championship ring?

Basketball championship rings can be bought online from the basketball memorabilia store called TJ's collectibles. This company has been selling basketball memorabilia for over twenty years and all items come with authentication.

What universities have won the NCAA men's and women's basketball championship in the same years?


What is George Lynch famous for?

There are actually two relatively famous George Lynch's. The first is a musician best known for his time in the rock group Dokken. The second is a former basketball player that won a national championship at the University of North Carolina in 1993 and played in the National Basketball Association for 12 years.

What years did University of Florida win the National Championship?

Gators were National Champions in 2009, what other years?

Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Michigan State what years did they win it?

Michigan has never won, they have only made it to the natinal championship game. Michigan State won in 1979 and 2000

What years did university of Oklahoma play in national championship game?

The Sooners have won the National Championship seven times. The years were: 1950, 1955, 1956, 1974, 1975, 1985, and 2000.

Best college basketball winning percentage in last 5 years?

the Kansas Jayhawks have the best winning percentage in the last 5 years with unbelivable season marks 2011-2012 (32-7 82.1%) lost to kentucky in NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2010-2011 (35-3 92.1%) upset by vcu in ELITE 8 2009-2010 (33-3 91.7%) shocked by northern iowa in FINAL 32 2008-2009 (27-8 77.1%) lost to michigan state in SWEET 16 2007-2008 (37-3 92.5%) won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TOTAL OF (164-24 87.8%) by far the highest win percentage in the last 5 years for college basketball

How many years of college basketball can you play?

4 years

What coach has the most NCAA men's basketball championships?

John Wooden, coach of the UCLA Bruins between 1948-1975, won 10 championships. Those years are 1964, 1965, 1967-1973 (7 in a row), and 1975. Wooden was also a guard on the 1932 Purdue University team that won a national championship. He also won the College Basketball Player of the Year award in 1932.

Who is the best Syracuse Basketball player of all time?

The best Syracuse basketball player of all time is Gerry McNamara. Nobody did more for a basketball team did Gerry. He was on the 2003 National Championship team, and had 27 points with 9 3's. He was there for four years, and gave Boeheim as much as he could. In 2005 he lead the team to four games and four days to win the big east championship and get a 3 seed in the big dance. He holds the record for most threes in a big east championship. These years right now there is another Gerry McNamara in the works with Jonny Flynn.

Who is the PA announcer at UNC?

The PA Announcer for UNC Basketball & Football is long time announcer Tony Gilliam who also is involved in Final Four, College World Series, NCAA National Championship FB games to name a few..Prior to this he was a NHL PA announcer and was a Pro Wrestling announcer for years