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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What is the olympic park going to be called after 2012?
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How are the 2012 Olympics going to be sustainable?

because it is going to have a new park and its going to re-use some things in the Olympic stadium.

Where is the olympic park going to be situated?


Where is the opening ceremony for 2012 Olympics?

The 2012 Olympic Openning Ceremony will be held at Olympic Stadium, in the heart of Olympic Park, North East London, on the 27th of July.

How much is it to get into the Olympic Park?

The entry fee for the 2012 London Olympic Park was £10.00 for adults and £5.00 for Save children. These tickets were somewhat hard to get.

Where are the paraolympic games going to be hosted?

the same olympic park and stadium ( in London) as the olympics of july 28th - 12th august 2012, united kingdom

How long did it take to construct the Olympic Park in London?

The Olympic Stadium and Park began construction in 2007 to be ready for the 2012 Olympic Games. The finished Olympic Park, post games, will be completed by 2015 in time to host the 2015 European Hockey Championships.

Which Olympic event was held at Greenwich Park during the 2012 Summer Olympics?

The equestrian events at the 2012 Olympic Games in London were held between 28 July and 9 August at Greenwich Park.

Where will the 2012 olympic torch end up?

Its final destination is the Olympic park in London - arriving on July 27th.

Where is the 2012 olympic swimming?

The Aquatics Centre is located in the Olympic Zone within the Olympic Park in Stratford (greater London, England UK)

Where did the Olympic in England?

In the South of the Olympic Park in England. They will be held on the 27th of July to the 12th of August. if you mean the Summer Olympic games in 2012, that is.

Is the Crystal palace national sports centre track going to be used for the Olympics 2012?

No, it wasn't used. A new swimming complex was built in the Olympic Park.

When is the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics?

The London 2012 Olympic games Opening Ceremony will be on 27th July 2012 at Olympic Stadium in London. Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 80,000 and organisers expect 250,000 people to visit Olympic Park, in which Olympic Stadium is situated. It is expected that London 2012 Opening Ceremony will be start from 9PM.

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