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Its final destination is the Olympic park in London - arriving on July 27th.

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Q: Where will the 2012 olympic torch end up?
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How does the Olympic flame start?

The Olympic torch bearers carry the torch across the world until the opening day of the games, then at the ceremonies they light it up on the cauldron where it burns and does not go out until end of games.

Who came up with the idia of the Olympic torch?

a donky

What year did Greece first light up the Olympic torch?

776 b.c.

What is the olymipc torch?

It is a torch that people light up at the start and end of the Olympics.

How was the Olympic Torch lit in Ancient Greece?

There was no torch. The Olympic torch was made up in 1936. The Olympic torch was invented as a way of symbolically creating a connection between Olympia in Greece and an athletics meeting in some city like Berlin. The ancient Olympics didn't need a symbolic connection to Olympia because they were actually held at Olympia.

Where does the oylmpic torch travel?

The olympic flame is lit in Olympia month before the games, the exact route the torch takes is up to the individual Olympic organizing committees, however after the protests in Europe with the Beijing torch, the IOC has now said that after the greek leg, the enitre torch relay must take place in the host country.

Who came up with the idea to run the Olympic torch across several countries and continents?

Adolf Hitler came up with it. Research it.

How was the Olympic Torch lit in 1992?

it didnt get lit up in 1992 because it had now place to put the flam

What are all the host countries of the olympic games up to 2012?


How did she end up doing lots of Olympic games?

she was fameous

Has there ever been any controversy with the Olympic torch?

The torch has gone out a couple of times so far on its trip around Britain. Fortunately they had a back up. Last week a couple of little kids begged to be able to carry the torch and then tried running off with it.

Woman in the 2008 olympic games for cheerleading?

Cheerleading will not be in the 2008 olympic games, it is up for consideration for the 2012 summer Olympics

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