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Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons there are other teams but they were founded in the ABA not NBA

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Q: What is the oldest franchise in the NBA?
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Who is the oldest NFL franchise?

The Arizona Cardinals were founded in 1898, making them the oldest living franchise.

Which is the oldest NBA team?

The Oldest team in the NBA are the New York Knicks. Who played the first game in the NBA with Toronto also the oldest. At that time they were called the New York Knickerbockers and the Toronto Huskies. New York are the only ones that have kept their franchise since. The Detroit Pistons joined the NBA in 1948 two years after both of these teams, the played in another league the NBL.

What is the best franchise in the NBA?


How is your NBA 2K11 Franchise?

It is awesome.

Oldest NBA team?

There is no one oldest NBA team because in 1946, the NBA started with 11 teams.Those 11 teams were:New York Knickerbockers (or the Knicks)Toronto HuskiesWashington CapitolsPhiladelphia WarriorsProvidence SteamrollersBoston CelticsChicago StagsSt. Louis BombersCleveland RebelsDetroit EaglesPittsburgh WarMachines* Fort Wayne Pistons/Detroit Pistons were formed in 1941, making it the oldest franchise.

Better franchise mode NBA live ten or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10

Which team name is the oldest in the NBA?

It is the Boston Celtics that has the oldest team name in the NBA.

Who was the NBA franchise in Washington in 1950?


What is the oldest NBA video game?

nba live

Is McDonalds the oldest fast food franchise?


Who is the NHL's oldest franchise?

Montreal Canadiens

Is shaquel o'neal the oldest NBA player of 2010?

Yes, he's the oldest active player in the NBA

Oldest NFL team?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest NFL Franchise.

Who is the oldest team in the NBA?

The oldest NBA team is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Philadelphia 76ers were founded in 1939 and has won 3 NBA championships.

What is the newest franchise in the NBA?

The newest franchise, as of November 2010, is the Charlotte Bobcats, founded in 2004.

Who is the oldest person in the NBA in 2010?

Shaq is the oldest, at 38.

What NBA team plays in the league's oldest arena?

The Chicago Red Bulls play in the NBA's oldest arena.

Who was oldest NBA player?


What is the oldest you can be to play in the NBA?


Which NBA franchise has the most wins?

The Boston Celtics have won a record 17 NBA championships

When did the Orlando Magic join the NBA?

The Orlando Magic joined the NBA in 1989 as an expansion franchise.

Who is the oldes player still playing in the NBA?

Who is the oldest player in the nba

Oldest active player in the NBA?

Shaquille O'Neal is the current oldest active player in the NBA as of 2010 he's 38.

Can one person own a NFL and NBA franchise?


How many NFL and NBA franchise owners are white?