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The quarterback throws, halfback runs.

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Q: What is the offensive leader who usually throws or runs the ball?
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In baseball who throws the ball?

usually the pitcher but evry body throwes the ball

Who throws the ball in softball?

The pitcher throws the ball to the batters, but everyone throws the ball at some point or another.

Who throws the ball in baseball?

The pitcher throws the ball in baseball

What is is called when a quarterback throws the ball into the ground to stop the clock?

That is usually called a 'spike'.

Is the quarterback on the offensive team or the defensive team and why?

there is a quarterback on the offensive team because he throws or hands it off to a player or he's able to run the ball. the defensive team doesn't have a quarterback becausethey don't have the ball then

What position throws the ball in?

There is no position that always passes the ball in. The center usually passes the ball in, followed by the power forward and the small forward if necessary.

What is the name of the person that throws the ball in baseball?

The pitcher throws the ball to the batter in baseball

What do the pitcher do?

He throws the ball.

Who throws the ball in football?

The quarterback throws the football in football

Who throws the ball into a scrum?

the ref.

Who throws the ball?

Anyone in play.

When should over and back be called in basketball?

When the offensive team has possession in the front court and throws the ball or loses control into the back court, the ball is dead and is turned over once and offensive team's player makes contact with the ball. If a defensive player is the last player to make contact with the ball in the front court before it enters the back court, the offensive team can regain possession without penalty. From

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