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Q: When a child not only throws a ball farther than she had previously but also changes the way she throws the ball the change is called?
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How did the car change the world?

Cars changes the world in drastic ways. Businesses can transport product farther faster. People can also travel to work that previously too far away.

What does it mean when velocity changes?

It means that after a while, the velocity is not the same as what it was previously. In physics, the rate of change of velocity is called acceleration.

What was rembrance day previously called and when did it change?

It was originally called armistice day

What is it called when the three states change?

changes of state are called phase changes.

What is it called when matter changes?

Physical change, if it changes in a way to be seen, or chemical change, which if the change can not be seen

What is it called when an object changes its appearance?

It is called physical change.

What is the change of matter from a liquid to solid is called?

When matter changes from a liquid to a solid the change of state is called "freezing." When it changes from solid to liquid it is called "melting".

What is the changes called when you change the constitution?


What is it called when something changes by itself?


What changes happen in physical change?

The molecule doesn't change in a physical change. If anything, the molecule's particles could move farther apart when going through a change in the state of matter.

What is it called when an object changes velocity?

That's simply called a change in velocity. On the other hand, the rate of change in velocity - how quickly velocity changes - is called acceleration.

What are the changes of states of matter called?

I think its called a phase change.

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