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This rule states that if a defensive player does not have the ball, she cannot stop the runner from reaching the next base. She could stop the player by standing in her way, or putting her leg down to block a slide before she has the ball to tag her out. A catcher can also block the plate by not allowing the runner a clear path to the plate when they do not have the ball. If a player does have the ball, they are allowed to block the bases though.

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Q: What is the obstruction rule in softball?
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Is there a framing rule in fastpitch softball?

No there is no framing rule.

What is the rule called if you defend too close to an opponent?


Isn't tripping over a bat during a softball game after you have hit it an interference?

No, this is considered an unintentional obstruction. Interference is called on players not objects.

Is there a pitching arc rule in girls 12u fastpitch softball?

No, but there should be.

How many innings are in softball game?

7 innings unless there is a mercy rule

What are the rule's for softball?

There are many rules in softball but there are different leagues. Post a question more specific about what type of league and you may receive better answers.

Is the international softball rule used in high school softball?

I assume you are referring to the international tie breaking procedure. It can be used as a state adoption. Please check with your states high school athletic association to see if they have adopted the rule.

When does softball end?

softball has 7 innings in less a tie then they play more innings if one team is winning by a lot they have the mercy rule and they call the game

What is the rule in ASA fast pitch softball 12u for run limit per half inning?

Its a 5 point mercy rule

8 run rule in college softball?

8 or more runs after 5 innings.

When was the obstruction rule changed in field hockey?

Other than its initial introduction, the obstrution rule has remained unchanged (except for wording and clarification purposes).

What is the number 1 rule in softball?

Pay attention to the game at all times! Know where your runners are, and if their covered.