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Big 10 vs. SEC?well, if you count total titles (i.e. years that certain schools shared the titel with another) Alabama has 12 titles altogether. Michigan has 11 and Ohio State has roughly 6 or 7 (including the one they share with Alabama back in the late '70s). so, with two of the big schools out of the big 10 having roughly the same amount as just Alabama on their own, i think its safe to say the SEC has more titles answerThe NCAA does not have a championship format in Division 1a, the schools that form the Big 10 and SEC. Even the official NCAA Records Book, published annually, refers to teams as "poll winners", meaning of course that they were voted number one at the conclusion of the season by different entities. The answer to your question is actually "zero". If you want to ask a question about "poll" winners, phrase it carefully, as there has existed an incredible number of "championship" voting people and organizations through the years. The first qualifier I would include would be "since 1936", when the NCAA started keeping records.
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Q: What is the number of NCAA football championships the Big 10 has won vs the SEC Conference?
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