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Q: Who wont the most championships in NCAA football?
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How do you get the Florida gators on road to glory on ncaa football 2010?

create a player just regular and put him on the Gators. then start road to glory, but he wont be in high-school

Does NCAA football 11 for the PS2 have you start in the High school State Playoffs in the road to glory mode or is it like last year where you just start out in college?

no, it is weird they wont let u play in high school on ps2 in any games sorry!

How much money doe's football players get?

they make millions of dollars but shouldn't be paid that much if u want to be a football player i would say choose a different career because most likely you wont be one and what happens when football season is over with or your too old that you cant play football anymore

Why is a football made out of rubber?

a football is made out of rubber to make it more easy to grip and it wont slip out of your hands

How many people have been killed playing football?

y do u wont to no??

Why don't we call soccer football?

cause ignorants in USA wont know what it is, they think youre referring to american football.>,>

When will EA Sports make baseball games again?

beacause of all you mlb lovers collage baseball lovers wont be able to play ncaa baseball again

Do people still buy footballs from Pakistan?

People gets football from other places also. So they wont go to Pakistan to buy one football. :-P

Why people don't go to clubs?

because they are either too lazy or they don't like that kind of club like say like i hate football so i wont play football!

Why does the air pressure in a football effect how far you can throw it?

because ur hand wont beable to grip the ball

Can a college football team in the MAC win the NCAA championship?

yes it is almost impossible though, with their weak conference they would have to face the preseason 1-2-3-4 in non conference games and hope that those teams dont lose for the rest of the season, and destroy every team they face, but if they cant do that they are not in a BCS qualifing conference so realisticly no they wont win the BCS Title

What needs do you need to become an executive of football?

you need to really practice throwing a football get better and you need to really learn some facts about it and how to play or you Will be making your team lose and that wont be Good now will it.

What is darrys dream in chapter 3 in the book the outsiders why wont it come true?

he wants to become a good football player.

Is there a chance she will like you?

most likely she wont

How many football championship fsu?

They have wont 2 one in 93 vs. Nebraska and another in 99 vs Virgina tech.

What can happen if you play on a frozen pitch while playing football?

you will turn into a snowman and the game wont be able to start until you become human again.

What do college football teams look for in a football player?

they look at a lot of thing but before football they look at you in the class you in the class room because they don't want someone who wont be eligible for their team second they look for how you play of course and then when you talk to you coach or recruiter they try and get a feel for your attitude

How do you get football agent base in Qatar?

hi my name ismaila pls i we like too no the football agent in Qatar if i wont too get u hw can i see u sir am from nigeria thank for be with me sir urs fethfully

What is happening with the NFL?

All i know is that they are under a lock-down its about money , that the football players are getting paid to much and they want to pay them less so if they do they wont play i guess but more then likely their will be a football season this year . . .

Why most men leaves relationship?

most men leave because you wont him what he wants

Do viruses attach to any kind of cell?

most likely they wont in less it is a very bad cold but if it is small mainly then they wont

How do you make football gloves sticky again?

Yes you can. All you need to do is either spit on them or use a bit of water. They wont get as sticky as when you bought them but it helps.

How do you you catch a football?

Thumbs together with pointer finger touching.You should make a triangular shape.Now you wont catch exactly like that you wont your hand shaped that way though. Also, when you make the triangle, when the ball is coming at you look the football into the triangle until it goes into your hands. I do that everytime and like 90% of the time I catch it, and I'm white (if race for some reason counts).

Is it right to force a kid to take a class in school?

No. because most likely he wont like the class and fail it so he wont have to take it anymore.

How much is a numbered joe Montana autograph baseball worth?

Without a COA it wont be more than $125. Especially because he played football not baseball