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Q: What conference in NCAA Division 1 college football have the most national championships?
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The Bulldogs have won two consensus NCAA Division 1-A college football National Championships and 12 Southeastern Conference championships.

What football league is the eagles in?

NFC national football conference and their division is NFC EAST

What NCAA conference has the most national championships in football?


Can you list college football national football championships by conference since 1936?

ummmmm no

What ncaa conference has most national championships in football?

big ten

How many d1 conference football national championships does the sec have?


How many division 1A football national championships does UConn have?

UConn has been playing division 1A football since 2000. Between 1978-1999 they were a 1AA team, between 1973-1977 they were a division II team, and between 1937-1972 they were a College Division team. During their existance, UConn has not won a national championship in football. They are credited with 15 conference championships, all in the Atlantic 10 between 1949-1989.

What division do the Eagles belong to?

The Eagles play in the National Football Conference's East Division.

What division do the Cowboys play in?

The Cowboys play in the National Football Conference's East Division.

What conference has won the most national football championships in a row?

The SEC. 06-11.

How many teams play in each division of the American footaball conference and the national football conference?

Four teams per division

In what conferce and division is redskins?

The East division of the National Football Conference, aka NFC East