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Q: What conference in NCAA Division 1 college football have the most national championships?
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How many conference championships for Georgia football?

The Bulldogs have won two consensus NCAA Division 1-A college football National Championships and 12 Southeastern Conference championships.

How many football championships has University of South Carolina won?

The Gamecocks have not won a national championship and have won 2 conference championships ... 1969 when they played in the Atlantic Coast Conference and 2010 in the Eastern Division of the Southeastern Conference.

What NCAA conference has the most national championships in football?


Which ncaa division won the most division 1 football national championships?

Do you mean which conference? This question has been "answered", though there are various opinions on the topic.

What college football conference has one the most consecutive national championships?

Southeast conference

Can you list college football national football championships by conference since 1936?

ummmmm no

How many sec football championships does tennessee have?

They have 16 conference championships and 6 national titles.

How many d1 conference football national championships does the sec have?


What ncaa conference has most national championships in football?

big ten

What conference is the Philadelphia Eagles in?

NFC national football conference and their division is NFC EAST

What conference are the Arizona Cardinals in?

The Cardinals play in the National Football Conference West Division.

What league are the cowboys in?

In the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys are in the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference.

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