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The Dallas Cowboys from 1966 to 1985 (20 seasons) hold the record for most consecutive winning seasons.

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16 - San Francisco 49ers (1983 - 1998)

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Q: What is the nfl record for most consecutive 10 win seasons?
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Which nfl team has the record for 12 win consecutive seasons?

Dallas Cowboys

What nfl team has most consecutive road losses?

Detroit just broke their own record by losing 25 consecutive road games. They set the record previously during the 2001-2003 seasons.

How many consecutive seasons have the colts won 12 or more games?

7 one more season will be a nfl record

What profesional football team has won the most consecutive league championships?

The record for consecutive league championships in the NFL is 3 and has been done twice by the Green Bay Packers, first between the 1929 and 1931 seasons and second between the 1965 and 1967 seasons.

What quarterback holds the record for most consecutive losses in nfl history?


What is the record for the most consecutive punts in an NFL game without a score?


How many NFL records does Brett Favre have?

Most career passing yards-71,838 (NFL record) Most career tds-508 (NFL record) Tied for longest pass(record held by many player) 99 yard pass (NFL record) Most career interceptions 336 (NFL record) Most NFL MVP awards (tied with Peyton Manning) 3 (NFL Record) Most career attempts 10,065 (NFL Record) Most career completions 6,300 (NFL Record) Most seasons, 3,000 or more yards passing 17 (NFL Record) Most career wins 186 (NFL Record) Most consecutive starts 269 (NFL Record) Most Career starts 297 (321 including play-offs) (NFL Record) Most time sacked, career: 525 Total NFL records held:11 These are only NFL records not including Packer Team records. Brett Favre holds no NCAA records.

Which NFL Team holds the Record for the most yards penalized in a seasons?


Who holds the nfl record for the most seasons with 1000 or more rushing yards and how many seasons did he do it?

Walter Payton

What NFL team holds the record for the most consecutive home games lost?

Detroit Lions

Who holds the NFL record for most consecutive games catching a completed pass?

Jerry Rice

Which NFL player holds record most consecutive games played?

Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts.