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Most career passing yards-71,838 (NFL record)

Most career tds-508 (NFL record)

Tied for longest pass(record held by many player) 99 yard pass (NFL record)

Most career interceptions 336 (NFL record)

Most NFL MVP awards (tied with Peyton Manning) 3 (NFL Record)

Most career attempts 10,065 (NFL Record)

Most career completions 6,300 (NFL Record)

Most seasons, 3,000 or more yards passing 17 (NFL Record)

Most career wins 186 (NFL Record)

Most consecutive starts 269 (NFL Record)

Most Career starts 297 (321 including play-offs) (NFL Record)

Most time sacked, career: 525

Total NFL records held:11

These are only NFL records not including Packer Team records.

Brett Favre holds no NCAA records.

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Q: How many NFL records does Brett Favre have?
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