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Karate-ka - Karate student

Sensei means "teacher"

Sempai means "Senior" (as in senior karate student)

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Q: What is the name of the person doing karate?
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At what age did Taylor Lautner begin doing karate?

Taylor Lautner began doing karate when he was 6 years old.

Is karate about fighting?

No, karate is about being a better person.

What is the name of the person who started karate?

God only knows because there are no documents or records of it.

What is Karate's Triple Crown?

karate is better for body it make strong person and person never will be ill.

Does Taylor Lautner still do karate?

No, after he started acting he didn't have enough time to keep doing karate

Doing karate stagnate height of a 10 years old if she has been learning karate since she was five years old?

Karate does not affect one's height.

What is the name of a karate outfit with slippers?

Karate is practiced in bare feet. The karate uniform is called a gi.

Were does the name karate come from?

Karate means open hand, no weapons

What was the real name of the comics character Karate Kid?

Karate Kid's real name is Val Armorr.

What was jadens smiths name in Karate Kid?

Jaden Smith's name was Dre Parker in Karate Kid.

What does Taylor Lautner like doing?

He likes baseball, Jazz (which he has been doing for a while), karate (which he has won local, national and international certificates award, he has been doing karate since he was 7), and of course he loves acting!

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