Is karate about fighting

Updated: 8/19/2019
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No, karate is about being a better person.

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Q: Is karate about fighting
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How do giraffe adapt to fighting?

they take karate lessons

How do you karate in moshie monsters?

i don't know what you mean "karate" is a type of fighting you cant do it on moshi monsters.

What zanji used in fighting?

he uses karate skills, actually not only karate but also uses the power of his foot.

What is a good song for a karate demonstration?

kung fu fighting

What is the fighting style the Mishima family uses?

Japanese karate

Was Pat Morita actually fighting in The Karate Kid movies?

No, Pat Morita was not a martial artist. He also spoke very good English, but just did it brokenly for his character in the karate kid movies.

What is the best karate move ever?

Walking away without fighting.

In saints row 2 can i get a boxing fighting style?

No the fighting styles range from wrestling to capoeira and lastly karate

Who is Kung Fu fighting?

Carl Douglas is Gong fu fighting although he looks like a karate sensei

What is the meaning of the poem Karate Kid by Jane Yolen?

karate is for good, not for bullying, and not fighting for fun. Its to keep inner peace and self defense

What are some karate songs?

kung fu fighting and the martal kombat song

How do you find karate king in Pokemon gold?

you have to get to the fighting dojo in saffaron on kanto