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a Basketball court

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Q: What is the name of the arena for basketball?
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What is the name of Atlanta Hawks Basketball Arena?

Phillips Arena.

What is the name of Ohio state university arena where they play basketball?

Value City Arena

What is the pudue basketball arena name?

I think you're looking for Purdue University's arena. It's called Mackey Arena.

What is the name of arena for Indiana basketball?

The Conseco Fieldhouse

What is the name of the Chicago Bulls' Basketball Arena?

Gold's Stadium

What was the name of the original Boston Celtics basketball arena?

Boston Gardens

What is the name of the Denver Nuggets Basketball Arena?

it is called Denver Stop Them

Name of the basketball arena for the Utah Jazz?

its called the energy solutions arena, located in salt lake city, utah.

What is the biggest basketball arena?

Carrier Dome is the largest basketball arena for Syracuse.

What is the name of the old arena the San Antonio Spurs basketball team used to play in?

HemisFair Arena in San Antonio, Texas

What is the name of the basketball sports arena where the Portland Trailblazers play?

Rose Garden

What sports are played at the basketball arena?


How many Olympic arenas are there in london2012?

Basketball Arena - North Greenwich Arena - Riverbank Arena - Water Polo Arena - Wembley Arena

What is the arena called where the 2012 Olympics are going to be held?

Basketball Arena, North Greenwich Arena, Riverbank Arena, Water Polo Arena, Wembley Arena.

What is the average time to change a hockey arena into a basketball arena?

4 hrs

What is the name of the Boston Celtics basketball arena?

The Celtics play their home games at the TD Garden.

Where is basketball played at biejing?

Basketball is played at the Wukesong Culture and Sports Center - Olympic Basketball Arena.

What is the name of the Drake Blue Devil basketball arena?

The Drake Blue Devils basketball stadium is the Cameron Indoor Stadium. The stadium has served as the Blue Devils home stadium for 73 seasons.

Where is the most popular place for basketball?

they play in arena's or gyms and even outside basketball courts

How much will it cost to build an basketball arena?


Were is the Orlando magic basketball team?

amway arena

What is the temperature in an ice hockey arena?

just as cold/warm as in any other arena (e.g. Basketball, concerts ...)

Do the Cleveland cavaliers play their home basketball games at the Cleveland arena?

Yes but its called the Quicken Loans Arena!

Where do professional basketball players work?

Professional basketball players "work" in there training camps. Which are located separately from the location of the arena they play basketball in.

What is the largest basketball arena?

The Carrier Dome is the largest basketball arena which can be found in Syracuse University. It has a seating capacity of 49, 242. The dome opened in the year 1980 and already hosted a variety of events including the numerous rounds of NCAA championship in basketball.