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amway arena

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Q: Were is the Orlando magic basketball team?
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Who is the Magic?

The Orlando Magic NBA basketball team.

Are Orlando and magic different basketball teams?

No they are the same magic team is in Orlando.

Who is number 8 for the Orlando magic?

Anthony Johnson is #8 on the Orlando Magic basketball team.

Which is the best team of Basketball in the world?

Orlando Magic

Who has the nickname of magic?

magic Johnson basketball player, Orlando magic basketball team, almost every magician.

How you can do magic?

you have put this in the wrong section, Orlando magic is the name of the basketball team

What is a professional basketball team Orlando Magic Seattle Seahawks Cleveland Indians Texas Rangers?

Orlando Magic

What is a professional basketball team Seattle Seahawks Orlando Magic Cleveland Indians Texas Rangers?

Orlando magic

What basketball team does Dwhite Howard play on?

He plays on the Orlando Magic.

Who was the first coach for the basketball team Orlando Magic?

Matt Guokas

Who coaches the Orlando Magic basketball team?

Stan Van Gundy

Where does the magic basketball team play?

they play at amway arena in Orlando Florida

How many home games does the Orlando Magic basketball team have?


Which basketball team rank 1?

Surprisingly It's not the Lakers! It's the Orlando Magic.

What basketball team had the most first round picks same year?

Orlando magic

Where can one find the Orlando Magic basketball schedule?

The Orlando Magic is a professional basketball team within the NBA. One can find their complete schedule on their official team page. One can also find the complete roster as well.

Who sponsored the basketball team Oralando Magic?

It was a very successful business that helped a lot of people become millionaires. The business is called Amway, the ones that sponsored the basketball team Orlando Magic.

Who scored most baskets ever for Orlando Magic basketball team?

Nick Anderson with 4,075 FG's

What is the value of a 1995-1996 Orlando Magic basketball autographed by entire team?

Probably around $10.000.

What NBA team will you be on?

Orlando Magic

In what state do the Orlando heat play basketball?

There is no such thing as Orlando heat. It is Orlando magic or Miami heat.

What sports teams start with the letter o?

The Orlando Magic is a team in the National Basketball Association. It begins with the letter O.

What year did Orlando Magic start playing basketball?


Worst NBA team?

Orlando Magic

Which team plays in Orlando Florida?

The magic