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The most wins in a season by the Buffalo Bills is 13, which they did twice so far.

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Q: What is the most wins by the Buffalo Bills?
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Who wins the super bowl 2015?

The Buffalo Bills

How many wins and loses did the Buffalo Bills have in 2008?

7 wins, 9 losses.

Have the Buffalo Bills won any major events?

The Bills best wins have been 4 different AFC Championships.

What football team is named after IOU's?


What was the name of the buffalo bills before they were named the buffalo bills?

They have always been called the Buffalo Bills!

What Buffalo Bills Player wore?

A buffalo bills jersey?

Most consecutive super bowl appearances?

Buffalo Bills (4).

What information does Buffalo Bills News present?

The Buffalo Bills News gives news, reviews, gossip and all information related to the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York.

Who has the New England Patriots beaten the most?

The Buffalo Bills - they have won 64 times against Buffalo.

Why are the NFL bills called the Buffalo Bills?

Buffalo bill Cody

Did the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl when they played the Buffalo Bills?

Yes. The Cowboys' back-to-back wins in Super Bowl 27 and 28 were both against the Bills.

What team appeared in the most consecutive super bowls?

Buffalo bills