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The Bills best wins have been 4 different AFC Championships.

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Q: Have the Buffalo Bills won any major events?
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Did the Buffalo Bills win any super bowls?


Did Scott Norwood lose any of the Super Bowl games for the Buffalo Bills?

Yes - his missed FGA cost Buffalo Superbowl XXV.

How many Super Bowls have the Buffalo Bills won?

The Bills have yet to win a super bowl, they currently are 0-4 in super bowl games.The Buffalo Bills played in four consecutive Superbowls from 1990-93 never winning any of them.

Which two teams have appeared in 4 Super Bowls yet have not won any?

minnestoa vikings and the buffalo bills.

Has any NFL team started 5 0 and missed the playoffs?

Buffalo Bills.... i believe it was in 2010 season

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How many Super Bowls did the bills win?

The Buffalo Bills have never won a Super Bowl. They appeared in 4 straight Super Bowls from 1990-1993, but did not win any of them.

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How much do the Buffalo Bills make in a month?

Earnings of the Buffalo Bills as a team would be hard to calculate. Especially when the team is not playing. You can estimate earnings as a team by seeing how many tickets and souvenirs have sold. You can also append any earnings from TV air time.

What two NFL teams both have 4 Super Bowl losses without any victories?

Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills.

What is the Value of a Buffalo Bills inaugural game program at Rich Stadium in 1973?

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The Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills are 0-4 lifetime in the Super Bowl

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What team though having gone to 4 Super Bowls have never won NOR ever lead in any of those games?

Buffalo Bills

Which football team was in 3 consecutive Super Bowls?

The Buffalo Bills appeared in 4 consecutive Super Bowls between 1991 and 1994, but did not win any.

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Have the Buffalo Bills ever played in a super-bowl game?

Yes. They played in four consecutive Superbowls in 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993, but without a win in any of them.

WhatTeam with most consecetive Super Bowl apperiances?

The Buffalo Bills went to 4 straight Super Bowls between 1991 and 1994. They failed to win any.