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Q: What is the most well known football team?
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What is the name of Amsterdam's football team?

In the Netherlands Amsterdam's most well known soccer team is Ajax. They have an American Football team known as Amsterdam Crusaders, their oldest team. There is also the Amsterdam Rams.

Who premier club plays the most attractive football?

Arsenal is the team in the premiership who play the most attractive football, and are well known for it.

Biggest football team in Scotland?

well the most well known teams in Scotland are arguably Celtic and Rangers. They are most successful anyways

Which sentence is correct the football team is doing well or the football team is doing good?

'The football team is doing well!'

Is this statement correct Jon Bon Jovi who is a well- known singer and actor also owns an arena football team?

Jon Bon Jovi, who is a well-known singer and actor, also owns an arena football team.

Where is a french town that has a well known football team?

American football is not much of a big deal in France. Football(soccer) is THE sport in France.

What is Umm Salal SC?

Umm Salal SC is a well known professional football team.

Who is a famous athlete from Uruguay?

Uruguayan national football (soccer) team has many well-known stars. Diego Forlán (plays for Inter Milan in Italy) is the most well-known, Luis Suárez (plays for Liverpool in England).

What is Robin Van Persie most known for?

Robin Van Persie is a Dutch football player who currently plays for the British team 'Manchester United' as well as the Dutch National Team. He was born in 1983.

What well known film score is played when which English football league team scores a goal?

The great escape

Who played football for Hamtramck Michigan?

As of 2011, the most well-known alumnus of Hamtramck High School's Football team is Willie Fleming. Willie played running back for the school team before being recruited to the University of Iowa and finally, going on to play in the Canadian Football League in 1959.

What is Michael Essien famous for?

Michael Essien is famous for being a Ghanaian football player. Michael Essien is well known for playing for both the Chelsea football team and Ghana national team.

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