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'The football team is doing well!'

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Q: Which sentence is correct the football team is doing well or the football team is doing good?
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Ram are a good boy .is it a correct sentence?

no it is not a correct sentence.

Is this sentence correct he are good?

"He is good" is correct. 'He' is singular, 'are' is for plurals.

What is the correct sentence always do good or always be a good doer?

Always do good is correct and means what it says. "Always be a good doer" means something slightly different from what it says. A good doer is person who is known for doing good, not necessarily a person who does good.

Is Jill and Jack are a good football players correct?

No, Are Jack and Jill good football players is

Good workouts for American football?

One good workout for American football is doing pushups.

What is a good sentence with the word completely in it?

This sentence is completely correct.

Is this sentence correct he is a good footballer and he is a great chess player?

"he is a great chess player" is grammatically correct, but the rest could be better. No one really says footballer, a better choice would be Football player try: "he plays football and chess well." or "he's great at both football and chess."

What is a good sentence with the word criminal in the sentence?

The person's a criminal for doing what he did.

When a book is good i get lost in it is this sentence grammatically correct?

When a book is good, I get lost. It was this sentence grammatical corrected.

How can you use exceptionally in a sentence?

Your brother is exceptionally good at football.

Is the sentence you are doing good correct?

If the person is doing something positive according to their beliefs and morals, they are doing good. If they are doing something properly and correctly, they are doing it well. The distinction is this: doing good means achieving worthwhile ends, especially to society's benefit, while doing well means succeeding, especially at making money. In the first case, "good" is a noun, the direct object of the verb do. In the second, "well" is an adverb modifying the verb do.

Which one is correct- my mathematics is good or my mathematics are good?

"My mathematics is good" is correct out of the choices given, but a better sentence would be "I am good at mathematics".