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That would be the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award.

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Q: What is the most prestigious individual award in basketball?
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What is the most coveted individual award in basketball?

Fnals MVP

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The Mercury Prize Award

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param vir chakra

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Robert Gallery

Which MVP award is the most prestigious in the NBA?

Considering that their are only 4 given out for the entire season (Rookie Challenge MVP, All-Star Game MVP, NBA MVP [for the season], and the NBA Finals MVP), the most prestigious would easily be the NBA MVP award.

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Best in Show at Crufts is regarded as the most prestigious award that a show dog could win in it's career.

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A question like this goes down to opinion really, especially with something as general as prestige. Most organizations would claim their award to be the most prestigious given the chance. The claim that holds the most water (excuse the pun) would probably be the Olympics, an event that is recognized worldwide as being prestigious and one of the oldest international water polo events, with the sport being introduced in the early part of the 20th century.

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The answer depends entirely on how you determine 'success'. Since players consistently state that they play to win premierships, it might be best to measure success in terms of premiership wins. If so, the most successful player is Michael Tuck of Hawthorn who played in 7 premiership wins. For his part, also, he still holds the record at 426 games for the most AFL/VFL games played by any player in a long illustrious career. On the other hand, as you have used the word, "individual": If we measure the success of an individual according to the most prestigious individual award, which has traditionally been the state's premier league's 'Best and Fairest' award - especially the [now] AFL Brownlow Medal, then the clear winner would be Haydn Bunton Snr, who won 3 Brownlow Medals, then moved west to promptly win Western Australia's most prestigious football award, the Sandover Medal, also 3 times. So, in effect, Bunton won the state's top award 6 times during a relatively short career!!

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"Legend." classifications are your awards in skateboarding, sure there is money in the tournies and you can be sponsored, but all you should really want is to be remembered.

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There are lots and lots of film awards. the most prestigious are the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Screen Actors Guild Award. The Razzies are not prestigious, but they are lot of fun.

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Wings. This was the very first film to win the most prestigious awards any movie can gain today. The Academy Award for Best Picture.

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Maya Moore