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there is no physical limit but for safety reasons you should NEVER set it to higher than 300fps

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Q: What is the most fps of a paint ball gun?
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How do you know how much fps your paint ball gun is at?

You shoot it over a chronograph. All paintball fields have them.

How do you make a paint-ball gun shoot faster paint-balls?

adjust the velocity, never shoot above 300 fps though

What is more accuarate a 300 fps airsoft gun shooting plastic BBs or the average paintball gun?

It depends on the grade of your paint, and how good your paintball marker is. Paintballs will almost never get ball on ball accuracy.

How powerfull is a paint ball gun?

A paintball gun fires a .68 caliber .35 gram ball at 300 fps. If you where the right clothes (loose shirt, paintball vest, e.t.c.) it doesn't even hurt!

What is the most fps in a air soft gun?

the most fps in a gun is 500 or more and my best gun is a mp44 because its 517 fps and it hurts and it feels like a bb gun

What airsoft gun has the most fps?

The airsoft gun with the most fps i think is the echo 1 mini gun with a fps of over 550 fps'feet per second.

Can you get a paint ball gun in chester?

Yes you can get a paint ball gun in a winchester! See.

Do you need a gun licence for a paint ball gun?

no any one 10 and older can have a paint ball gun

Does paint ball give the gear and gun?

You can rent at most places.

Is a marker another word for a gun?

yes in paint ball they call it marker but it really is just a paint ball gun

What website can you find the product that made your paint ball gun?

Most guns actually have their maker on the gun itself. Check the side of the gun.

How much f.p.s. is an airsoft Spring M248 Machine Gun?

The fps depends on the brand and quality of the gun. If the gun is high powered spring it is probably at most 350 fps. Most likely the gun is less then this in the 275-315 range.

Why do my your spray gun drip out the tip when I release the trigger when you are spraying with a paint gun?

It depends on which paint gun if it is a paint ball you have the wrong paint or you do not have enough pressurized air. If you have a spray paint gun that means that there not enough pressurized air.

How do you make your paint ball gun more accurate?

Buy better paint, and get a barrel that fits the paint well. Also clean your gun often.

How many fps does a gun shoot?

Depends on the firearm, the manual or even the box most likely says what the FPS is.

How far will a paint ball travel?

Depends on the gun

Can you be 13 to have a paint ball gun?

No, you cannot purchase a paintball gun until you are 18.

When did dappy hit fans with a paint ball gun?

April 2010, and It was an Airsoft gun.

What is the fps of a jt cybrid paintball gun?

depends on how you adjust it, most guns come in with a factory setting at 250 fps

How does the anti chop system work on the paint ball markers?

The Anti-chop system works just like a motion detector. The system sees if a paint ball is inside the chamber and if it is the paint ball with the "eyes" or system on will let the air go through and shoot the ball. If the ball is only 1/2 through the gun will not let you shoot even if you pull the trigger. Imagine if the bolt went and the ball was 1/2 way through the ball would just explode and you would most likely have to clean your gun.

Should you shoot the bats in your attic with a paint ball gun?

Not if you want paint splatters in your attic.

Do you need a gun license to own a paint ball gun?

yes because it can hurt sometimes

How do you need to be to own a paint ball gun?

18 to buy, 11 to play.

How do you get a paint ball gun in Liberty City for psp?

you cant

Can a Paint ball gun be used in Federal Recreation Areas?