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It depends on the grade of your paint, and how good your paintball marker is. Paintballs will almost never get ball on ball accuracy.

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2009-05-09 21:32:26
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Q: What is more accuarate a 300 fps airsoft gun shooting plastic BBs or the average paintball gun?
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What is the med FPS for a paintball gun?

If by med speed you mean the average speed, the average speed of a paintball shooting out of a barrel of a paintball gun is usually around 260-300 FPS. That is, if the gun is working properly. most fields only allow players to have their guns shooting at around 280 FPS, because shooting any higher than that can hurt somebody. The average field speed limit is around 180 MPH.

Is a 280 fps airsoft gun strong?

No, it is slightly less than average. Most AEG shoot 300+, with powerfull spring guns shooting 400+

What is the average speed a painball gun?

The average speed of a electric paintball gun is about 13 bps(balls per second). My paintball gun shoots 33 bps. The average speed of a electric paintball gun is about 13 bps(balls per second). My paintball gun shoots 33 bps.

How heavy is a paintball?

On average, 3.2 grams.

What is the age limit for paintball guns in Michigan?

If you are reffering to the age in which you can purchase a paintball gun, the average age is 17. Though with an adult present, a teen may purchase a marker. To play paintball, the average age is 12 years of age.

What is the average size of a paintball marker?

One with or without a buttstock?

What is the average height NBA shooting guard?

The average height of a shooting guard in the NBA is between 6'6 and 6'7.

What is the average price of a paintball mask?

anywhere from around $20-$140

How much does paintball weigh?

On average 3.2 grams or 0.11 oz

Is 200 fps good for a airsoft gun?

No average is about 315-350

Could you hit a goose about 100 feet away with a tippman 98 custom and with the average paintball on a non-windy day with about 5 paint balls?

It is possible but not likely. Understand though, that by shooting at an animal, you are breaking a law, and risk being caught.

How much can a pro paintball player make in a year?

The average is roughly $50,000

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