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Q: What is the most dangerous sport in American high schools and colleges?
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What are sports colleges?

Sports colleges are schools that specialise in sport

What schools have tackle football as a elective?

none. It is a sport. Colleges might have a flag football elective.

What is the most popular sport in American schools?

Football is the most popular school sport.

Could airsoft be a school sport?

In my oppinion, schools will never make airsoft an accepted sport because it's "dangerous" and "violent."

How many American colleges have soccer as their major fall sport?

Since this is America im guessing 0

Why do some schools not have hockey?

Hockey is an expensive sport. It is also considered dangerous, which it is although in my opinion it all pays off.

What is the biggest sport in us colleges?

American football. Best funded, most closely followed and most watched/attended by far.

What is the sport of rugby is most similar to which American sport?

The game of rugby is most similar to the American game of football. In both games there is a ball, running with the ball, and kicking the ball. Rugby is played in more nations than is American style football. Rugby is, however, a sport played in most US colleges & universities.

Most dangerous high school sport?

It is probably American football or wrestling. A dude got a concussion from wrestling.

How many schools have sport?

Every school cuz soccer is the bestest sport in da world

What colleges offer diving as a sport?

It depends on which state. For example, California colleges that offer diving as a sport are Occidental, CSUN, Harvey Mudd, etc.

Why do people enjoy blood sport?

becasue they are sick twisted individuals who go round american schools shooting everyone